ai...áipronounEnglishwhereThis discontinuous combination is used in both statements and questions about location, as the examples illustrate. This combination can occur alone as in Ai_ái? (Where is it?).Ái Tolo a abengnai á urtarang ki ák ngulngul má tangrai bos. Kápate talas i on suri táit a longoi ngo ai a láklák ái.An evil spirit mentally affected Tolo and he was acting crazy all over the jungle. His body/mind was not clear about what he was doing or where he was going.Be, wa ai u kipi ur ái á got er a morot? Kápute mákái ngo ákte sangin imi katbán?Hey, where are you taking that rotten bamboo to? Did you not see that it's already stinking inside?ai1aiáhái18.5Location9.4.3.3Interrogativeinterrogative; location

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