tal pas-itransitive serial verbSurlongoi táit a lite alari táit ngo na longoiEnglishinterfere; obstruct; hinderhinder getThis term implies pulling someone away from what he intended to do in order to do something else, thus preventing him from accomplishing the first thing.Ái kauh, iau parai singin ngo giura upmaiat mai uben, mái sár tan kalilik dik long pasi bul suri tangan di i sis lamas. Tan kalilik di tal pasi má on á kunlan bung inái má kápte má giur upmaiat.My son, I said to him that we two would go fishing with a net, however the guys they took him instead to help them with scraping out coconuts. The guys hindered/prevented him this entire day and we did not go fishing.aririotal páptaipasi14.1Relationshipsrelationship

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