tam1intransitive verbSurkoion da sukai ngo da aniEnglishtaboo; sacred; holyTam is more serious than gorgor (taboo) and with more fear of reprisal if broken. It is used of places where spirits dwell or rituals have been performed and where punishment is inevitable if violated. Gorgor is used more for tabooing such things as a betel nut tree, and people still break the taboo and steal from it without much fear of consequences.Kamnar ái á kuir a tam suri koion da sukai á tan wák kabin dikte obop te sápkin táit on. Ngo da sukai, ki da sasam ngo da mat.A sacred place is a part/area that is taboo so that women should not step on it because they have put some evil thing there. If they step on it, then they will become sick or they will die.gorgor1tartaringatamot tam4.9.7.2Christianitylotu

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