erárelárparticle1Surmulán pákánEnglishthen for the first time; after a very long timeThis is the combination of er (that, there) and ár (first time, at long last, finally).Ái kauh a be long pasi ái káwán i pákánbung a gengen be, má kápate lu han urmain i malar. Erár sang má dik sukai malar.The boy, his uncle took him when he was still young, and he does not come here to the village. Then they stepped on the village (came here) after a long time.2SurEr má uk mánán!EnglishSo there!This is a smug in-your-face kind of comment of one-upmanship.Aratuán diar arup, má ák lu tur ái kono pakta ák ubi gengen tuán mák pur uradi bim, ki ák parai ái kono pakta ngo, "Erár uk mák iau!"The two brothers were fighting, and the big one beat his small brother and he fell on to the ground, then the big one said, "Then you see me (So there, I've won)!"elárárinárerei

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