inái1timeSuronin; pákánbung minEnglishnow; today; thisTok PisinnauThis word implies that something is happening right now or will begin to happen at any moment. In Sursurunga thinking, inái indicates immediacy, but it might still be quite a while before it actually happens. It, however, always applies to the current day or time period. As with in (here), inái is sometimes used to mean 'this' although there always seems to be the possibility of time involved. See the second example below.Ái talatala a para palai si dikán ngo na sangar i han suri diara han ur Kimadan suri kis talum. Inái sang na ser kar uradi Hilolon kabin diara aptur sang aring i rahrah ur Kimadan.The superintendent minister said to the deacon that he should hurry his going so they two could go to Kimadam for the meeting. Right now he should search for a vehicle upcoast to Hilolon because they should get up later this afternoon to Kimadan.Nabung iau lala mámnai kálámul erei di nagogon on suri a sikip pasi wilwil si Iakop. I pákánbung án nagogon, tan kometi di lala para sákáknai má ot bilingnai mai parai ur on ngo, “Ai a han til ái á maris án kálámul inái? Kálámul káp kán te táit.” Má pákánbung a longrai, ki ák lala rumrum sang.Yesterday I really felt sorry for that man who was courted for stealing Jacob's bicycle. At the time of the court, the headmen really talked badly and disgraced him with saying about him, "Where has this poor/miserable man come from (or, where has the poor/miserable man come from now)? He is a person without anything." And when he heard it, then he was very ashamed indeed.inmainái; minái8.4.1Period of timetime

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