bál sákidiomSurmos i bál; tinang i bálEnglishupset; angry; jealous; grievingstomach ruinedThis is hidden internal anger, including jealousy. At times, this seems somewhat synonymous with sák_i_bál (upset, sorrowful), but not always. See examples here and under sák_i_bál.
Ái Káláu a bál sák uri kák di kabin kápdite atintin timani rang nat di.God is upset (including angry) with their fathers because they did not properly teach their children.A bál sák suri kán wák a mat. Git mákái aur a káng mai tabureng.He is upset about the death of his wife. We see his face is filled with sorrow.mos1sák i bálbál sák pagas3.4Emotionemotion

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