rangrang i lulidiomSurmerok má risgos maiEnglishstruggle; weary fromhis head is in painThis describes one's frustration at uncooperativeness or disobedience. It implies tiredness and weariness, being fed up with someone or something, or to be in anguish about something.Ái komiti ák merok má si git i balbal parai ngo gita him ami aratintin, má kápte git lu alongra singin. A ngoro ák rangrang má lul i bal parai kes sár á him má kápte git lu long arwat pasi.The headman was tired/weary of us in repeatedly saying that we should work up at the school, and we did not listen to him. It is like his head was hurting (he was weary and frustrated) in saying over and over just one job and we are not accomplishing it.A rangrang i lulung si di á bos kalilik erei. Kápdite mánán i alongra.My head is hurting from (I am weary of) those children. They do not know how to listen.lulung

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