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abaʔa.ˈba1n.possdThe chest area of any human or animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile2.1.2Torso1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy2Nsecunderside of a boat

abaga1ʔa.ˈba.gan.possd1a person’s shoulder2.1.2Torso2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy2animal’s shoulders (front legs)1.6.2Parts of an animal

awakʔa.wak1n.possdthe narrow part of one’s body just above the hips called the waist2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy2Nsecthe midsection of an inanimate object such as a woven container, tree, or a house.der.mangawakIf men or boys are wearing an awaken they are mangawak.mating-awakput hands on one’s hip--akimbopigpangawakwear something around one’s waist

bagakwangba.gak.ˈwaŋN1A person’s back 2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy2back of an animal1.6.2Parts of an animalunspec. comp. formapit adti bagakwangtoward the back of s.o.

bagku'bag.kuʔn.possdthe pubic area2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomyoff

buntitbun.titNthe belly of a person or animal2.1.2Torso1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy

buwaw na taybuaw na taiid. oftay1buwaw1None's anus2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy2n.possdthe anus of an animal1.6.2Parts of an animal3n.possdfigthe bottom end of a container

giyebgiyɜbn.possdthe area at bottom sternum area; pit of stomach2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy

kilidki.lid1NA person's kilid is either the left-side or right-side of their body on their torso.2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy2n.possdthe side (location) of any inanimate objectsuch as the side of the house, side of the hill.3n.possdto the side ofder.tumakilids.o. will lay on their side

kitutki.tutperhaps; ki + utut1n.possda person’s rear-end2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy2n.possdthe butt or rear end of some animals1.6.2Parts of an animal3Nthe bottom end of things such as cans, bottles and baskets.

lawasˈla.wasn.possd1the body of any animate being2.1Body2the torso of any human being2.1Body2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy3a corpse; deadbody2.6.6.2Corpse

liyegli͡ɜgn.possd1a person’s neck2.1.2Torso2.1.1Head2the neck of an animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animal3the neck of a bottleder.paliyegneck strap of a saddle rig

mumudmumudn.possdthe nipple of a woman's breast2.6.5Male, female2.1.2Torso

pangkulpaŋ.kuln.possda person’s hip2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy

pigi'pi.giʔn.possdA person’s or animal’s buttocks2.1.2Torso1.6.2Parts of an animal

pusudpu.sudn.possd1the navel or belly button the place where the umbilical cord attaches to a new-born baby.2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy2umbilical cord2.1.8Internal organs

sususu.sun.possd1a woman's breasts2.1.8.4Female organs2.1.2Torso2The tits or udders of any mammal such as a horse, waterbuffalo, bovines, dogs, goats, and others from which they drink milk. and female animals1.6.2Parts of an animal3breastfeed2.6.3Birth2.6.4.2Child4secthe square, cone-shaped corners of a basket containerder.magsusuhabitual nurse (of a baby to its mother)id.buta na susu'a condition where a nursing mother’s nipples will not extend so that she can begin feeding her child