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anunutʔa.ˈnu.nutNa glow worm red in color and is distinquished by its ability to glow in the dark. animalsZoolzoology

bitek1bi.tɜkNintestinal worms such as round worm, and hookworm they live inside one's intestines causing one to be malnurished and anemic. animalsZoolzoologyMedimedicineder.pigbitekan2afflictedwith an infestation of intestinal worms

itmanʔit.manNfreshwater shrimp1.6.1.9Small animals

kagangka.gaŋNa freshwater crabSimkulu' animalsZoolzoology

kalulikaluliN1bacteria1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology2microscopic mites that afflicts a person1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology

kulu'ku.luʔNa river crabSimkagang1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology

labedla.bɜdNa millipedeIts body can be up to 150 mm long, it is dark brown in color. When irritated it secretes a yellowish fluid which causes a burning sensation to the skin.Arthropoda myriapoda spirobolus1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology

ogongʔo.goŋNtiny crayfish1.6.1.9Small animals

ongkokNa fresh water shrimpSmall shrimp about one half inch in length. animalsZoolzoology

susu'2Na river snail1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology

takloboNmother of pearlThe shell fish from which “bong” disks were made from, which are used to decorate Tagakaulo women‘s traditional blouses. This kind of shell fish can be as large as 50cm in diameter and has black flesh inside and a white shell. animalsZoolzoology

tayaku'ta.ˈya.kuʔNa tayaku' is a large land snailIts shells are used by the Tagakaulo Kalagan for making apug lime paste. animalsZoolzoology

tuway2Na small clam1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology

ulabangʔŋNa shrimp; prawn1.6.1.9Small animals5.2FoodZoolzoology

ulépanʔu.le.panunspec. var.ulaipanNcentipede1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology

upad-upadʔu.pad.ʔu.padNpinworms that make one's anus itchy1.6.1.9Small animals

wattiˈwat.tiNan earth wormGenulud animalsZoolzoology
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