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babababaSCE.carry on back7.3.1Carryder.baba͡en2carry or s.o. on one’s backmagbabas.o. habitually carries on their back

baba͡en2ba.ˈba͡ender. ofbabaVcarry or s.o. on one’s backBaba͡en ku ya batad.I will carry the corn on my back.7.3.1Carry

migsagapangsagapaŋunspec. comp. form ofsagapangVIf a person is migsagapang a child, she is carrying the child on her hip.7.3.1Carry

migsagupu2sagupuder. ofsagupu1VIf a person migsagupu another person, they are carrying that person in their arms in from of them.7.3.1Carry

salay1salaysalayN1A salay is carry strap or handle such as on a kettle, strap of a gun, the strap of a basket or fish trap.7.3.1Carry2A salay is the strap of material that goes over one's foot on a thong or sandal.6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4.1Rope, stringder.magsalays.o. carries something across shoulder by a strappagpansalayenwill strap on to carrysalayenwill carry by using a carry strap over one’s shoulder

salulusalulu1NA salulu is a sling suspended from the neck and shoulders and is usually made of a woman's dagmay skirt in which she carries her baby.7.3.1Carry2Vcarry in a sling (suspended from neck and shoulder)der.saluluwunwill carry /s.o. in sling over one’s shoulder

sodo'sodoʔSCE.stack several thing one on top of another on one's head7.3.1Carry

sungsuŋSCE.carry on one’s head7.3.1Carryder.magsungs.o. carries habitually something on their head