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babatˈba.batNA babat is a brass anklet worn by Tagakaulu Kalagan women when they are dancing.A babat is a brass anklet worn by Tagakaulu Kalagan women when they are dancing.5.4.1JewelryMusmusic

kamagikamagiNA kamagi is an indigenous ornament necklace worn by Tagakaulo Kalagan women and is very expensive.5.4.1Jewelry

lintilintiNA linti is a thin wire bracelet usually of bronze or brass worn by Tagakaulo Kalagan women.5.4.1Jewelry

lumagalumagaNembroidery on man's pants5.4.1Jewelry

lupi'lupiʔNA lupi' is a brass or bronze earring.5.4.1Jewelry

paneksekaypanɜksɜkayNPaneksekay are pieces of fragrant plants inserted in the waistband of woman's skirt. Simbagennes5.4.1Jewelry2.3.4Smell

paningkulungpaniŋkuluŋNPaningkulung are brass or bronze bells usually worn by women on a belt used for dancing.5.4.1Jewelry

sibedsibɜdNk.o. finger-ring (incomplete circle)5.4.1Jewelry

taklaytaklayn.possdA taklay is a bracelet or wrist band.5.4.1Jewelryder.pigpanaklayobject used to protect one’s hands and wrist

tikestikɜsn.possdA tikes is a Tagakaulo man's leg bands, a string of beads, yellow and black in color which are worn just below the knees.5.4.1Jewelry

tutuptutupNembroidery on a pant leg5.4.1Jewelry5.3Clothing

untu1ʔun.tun.possd1a person’s tooth2.1.1.5Tooth2.1.1.4Mouth2an animal’s tooth of those who have them1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.2Parts of an animal3the tooth of a comb5.4.1Jewelry