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balāyba.ˈla͡in.possda childs spouse’s parents4.1.9.2Related by marriageunspec. comp. formmatalabalāychilds spouse’s parents (mutual relationship)

esegˈɜ.sɜgRLkyumeseg1n.possdA woman's husband. by marriage2NmaleOppbubay12.6.5Male, female3n.commA man.der.kesegphysical strengthkesegkeseggrunt sound made when lifting heavy thingpangesegena groom (who about to be wedded)pangesegenenbridegroom

ka͡ubayan1kaubayander. ofubay1NA ka͡™ubayan is generic for any woman. 2n.possdA man's ka™ubayan is his wife. by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals2.6.5.2Woman2.6.1.4Divorce2.6.1Marriageder.pangubayanena bride (who is about to be wedded)id.matinaw na ka͡ubayanA matinaw na ka͡ubayan is a man's idea of a perfect woman who has good character, is a good cook and has many domestic skills, is a hard worker, and in most cases beautiful.

luwayluwayNspouse's sibling in law4.1.9.2Related by marriage

makeye'makɜyɜʔder. ofeya'1Nson-in-law or daughter-in-law4.1.9.2Related by marriage

naynayn.possd1a male's sister-in-law4.1.9.2Related by marriage2a female's sister in law or brother in law unspec. comp. formmatalanāysisters-in-law (mutual relationship)

tawasˈta.wasn.possdIf a boy or girl is a tawas to another, they are someone's fiancé or fiancee and are engaged to be married.4.1Relationships4.1.9.2Related by marriage9.6Connected with, related

ubayˈʔu.bayV1married woman4.1Relationships4.1.9.2Related by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals9.6Connected with, related͡ubayan1A ka͡™ubayan is generic for any woman. A man's ka™ubayan is his wife.

uganganʔugaŋann.possdparents-in-law4.1.9.2Related by marriageid.ugangan na bukubukuone’s grandparents in lawugangan na dalitayone’s great-great parents in law