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ka͡ubayan1kaubayander. ofubay1NA ka͡™ubayan is generic for any woman. 2n.possdA man's ka™ubayan is his wife. by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals2.6.5.2Woman2.6.1.4Divorce2.6.1Marriageder.pangubayanena bride (who is about to be wedded)id.matinaw na ka͡ubayanA matinaw na ka͡ubayan is a man's idea of a perfect woman who has good character, is a good cook and has many domestic skills, is a hard worker, and in most cases beautiful.

tawasˈta.wasn.possdIf a boy or girl is a tawas to another, they are someone's fiancé or fiancee and are engaged to be married.4.1Relationships4.1.9.2Related by marriage9.6Connected with, related

ubayˈʔu.bayV1married woman4.1Relationships4.1.9.2Related by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals9.6Connected with, related͡ubayan1A ka͡™ubayan is generic for any woman. A man's ka™ubayan is his wife.