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abegʔa.ˈbɜg1n.possdIf a person or animal is abeg they have rabies.2.5.1Sick2.5.2DiseaseMedimedicine2Vpriminflicted with rabies2.1VprimFor some animal or person to be afflicted with abeg (rabies).Kay To, dili' kaw magpanug kay madég ya +abeg na idu' adun. Sunny, don't you go down because there are many dogs +afflicted with +rabies now.Medimedicine
abel1ˈʔa.bɜlSCE.woven clothder.abelenwill make a loominabelanInabelan is a handwoven, very durable cloth.mag-abel2weave cloth
abelender. ofabel1-enVwill make a loom
abi-ananʔˈʔa.nanNsmall containerIt is usually is a woven container of some variety of bamboo or of wood, and has an open top.
ablegVfly straight and farSaid of an arrow that is shot well.
ablenʔablɜnn.concreteAn ablen is a loom for weaving.
abu1ˈʔa.bun.possdThe That is the thing she will do there-at the +cooking-place, wash the dishes, make the rice, fetch water, pound rice.6.5.2Parts of a building
abu3ˈʔa.buvb.statseccolor gray
abul1ˈʔa.buln.concreteAn abul is a blanket.der.mag-abul2For someone to use a blanket is to mag-abul.
abunganNa hunting blind with a roofSimpaledeng
abunuSCE.fertilizerder.abunuwanwill fertilize
abunuwander. ofabunu-an1Vwill fertilize
abusʔabusvb.auxwhole ofder.ka͡abususe something completely upid.abus daall used up
abus daid. ofabusv.phrall used up
abus da ...ka‑aliliniunspec. comp. form ofalilin1Phr.after already is exorcized
abus da aniyasay. ofani1Phr.already finished harvesting
abus da ka͡utawiid. ofka͡utawder. ofutaw1Phr.already finished being born
abus da pagpakangex.phr.pakangPhr.was already promised
abus da pakanganex.phr.pakangPhr.was already promised to s.o.
abus da tuli-aex.phr.tuli'Phr.was already circumcised
abus da tumba͡aex.phr.tumba1Phr.was already butchered (large animal)
abwabˈʔab.wabSCE.1remove weeds1.1primIf a person mag-abwab they will remove weeds from their garden or field by cutting the roots with a weeding instrument.Simgabut1der.abwabayAn abwabay is any kind of weeding instrument.mag-abwabayA mag-abwabay is someone who weeds.mig-abwabs.o. weeded
abwabayʔab.ˈwa.baider. ofabwabNAn abwabay is any kind of weeding instrument.
ad baba'loc.phr.down the mountain