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agumu1ʔa.ˈgu.muNpig snort sound1.6.4.3Animal soundsder.mig-agumu2pig snort repeatedly
agung1ˈʔa.guŋNAgungs are brass or bronze drums or gongs.der.mag-agung2Mag-agung is when two people play two large brass gongs with one keeping a rhythym and the other one varying the beat.
agunuyNkind of tall grass of the field
agut1ˈʔa.gutSCE.harvest manila hemp fiberder.mag-agut2strip the abaka fibers from the trunkIf a person mag-agut, he is shaving out the rough edges of the flat edge of bamboo strip.
agutanˈʔ agutan is a machine used for processing the skin of abaka plant.Agutan ku sa abaka.I will process using an agutan abaka skin.Agragriculture
agwasenNKing cobra1.
ahusʔahusNgarlicAllium satuvum1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
aka-ʔakaSCE. > VpfxState:[-volition]
akal1ˈʔa.kalSCE.Trickder.akalanwill deceive by trickeryakalideceive meka-akalanbe deceived or tricked by s.o.mag-akal2If someone mag-akal another person they will trick them.pagka‑akalansomeone is fooled by somethingpig-akalan2A person is pig-akalan if he is deceived by someone.
akalander. ofakal1-an1Vwill deceive by trickery
akalider. ofakal1Vdeceive me
akasiyaʔakasiyaNAn akasiya is the rope or chain connecting the plow to the yoke.Agragriculture
akelʔakɜlNAkel is the solid residue in a liquid that settles to the bottom, such as grounds in coffee.
aking1ˈʔa.kiŋSCE.Turn to right or leftder.akingen2If a person will akingen something they will turn it aside either to the right or left.nyaking2If someone nyaking they turned on their course from a straightline.
aking-akingʔakiŋ.ʔakiŋSCE.turn in all directionsder.aking-akingen2turning in every direction
aking-akingen2ʔakiŋ.ʔakiŋder. ofaking-akingVturning in every direction
akingen2ˈʔa.kiŋder. ofaking1VIf a person will akingen something they will turn it aside either to the right or left.
aksayʔaksaiSCE.quicklyder.kaksaybe quick
akuʔakuI am the one
akukʔakukn.possda woman's vaginaThe word is not said in public much but when it is, it is by the old women who can get away with it. organsobsc
akup1ʔakupSCE.includeSimlakup1synnyakalakup2der. oflakup1der.akupi2cover over for s.o.; includemaka-akups.o. is able to join; be included in
akupi2ʔakupder. ofakup1Vcover over for s.o.; include