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akusʔakusNAkus is a bamboo grass, and looks much like kawayan but does not have the long, sharp spikelets. Akus is not durable as a construction material.
akut1ˈʔa.kutSCE.1haul7.3.3.1Take something from somewhere1.1Vprimder.akutunwill haul heavy s.wh.makuts.o. will haulnyakut2When someone will nyakut a large or heavy item they hauled it from one place to another.
akutunder. ofakut1Vwill haul heavy s.wh. something from somewhere
ala=ʔalaFrom Spanish: alainf. var. ofalas=
alabas1ʔalabascfgalas1SCE.clear by cutting grassder.alabasen2clearing process of cutting grasspig-alabas2If someone pig-alabas a piece of land covered with cogon grass, havested rice or maize corn, he is clearing the land by cutting with a bolo the grass.
alabasen2ʔalabasder. ofalabas1Vclearing process of cutting grass6.2Agriculture
alad1ˈʔa.ladNAn alad is a fence, or wall used to protect something by keeping animals or people out., wallder.aladenwill enclose with a fence or wallinaladfence or wall made of for protection mig-alad2When someone mig-alad his field he fences it in.
aladender. ofalad1Vwill enclose with a fence or wall
alaga'ʔa.ˈla.gaʔNIf something has alaga', it has value or worth.
alagadʔalagadSCE.go partway with7.2.5Accompany7.2.5.3Guide
alakakʔa.ˈla.kakVlaugh boisterously
alalagu'ʔalalaguʔNA alalagu' is a kind of large red earthworm.This worm makes a low to medium buzzing sound from its hole usually when it is about to rain.
alalanganʔˈla.ŋanNkind of lamp
alalunanʔalalunan11.1If a horse or water buffalo is mig-alalunan, it covered with swarming insects.Mig-alalunan ya kuda' sa manga mannanap.The horse was +covered +enmass with (insects) animals.
alang-alangSCE.not qualified to approach s.o. of higher rank
alas2ʔa.lasNAlas is a kind of black ant whose characterized by a hard body, stinking odor, about 3 mm in length, not ferocious biters, move in a column, and often are found on coffee and other kinds of fruit trees.
alas1ˈʔa.lasSCE.spicy2.3.3Tasteder.magkalas3If some food magkalas, it is because someone added an ingredient to make it become spicy hot.malas3If a person says something tastes malas it tastes spicy hot, such a katumbal peppers.
alas=ʔalasinf. var.ala=adjIf a person asks you what time is it by your watch, you might say it is alas dosi la meaning it is12:00 am.
alatʔalatNunit of measure of grain, used for one's share of rice or corn.Kalima ya alatfifth share (5 be-en full of maize ears)of a harvest.Sangka-alat adti kan Lapnayan.One share (be-en full) goes to Lapnayan.Agragricultureder.sangka-alatone share of grain forder.alawi3When a person says alawi she is asking somebody to buy an item for someone else.
alaw1ˈʔa.lauSCE.reserveder.alawan2save some of that (cmd)alawi2hold for s.o. mag-alaw2s.o. will hold in reserve