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ekasSCE.disarmder.pig-ekasandisarm s.o.; remove weapons from s.o.’s body
eketʔɜkɜtdial. var.iket1Nrope used for tying2Vtie with (such as a rope)der.eketanwill tie up to elseeketanana hitching place for animals (such as horses)neg.ex.phrwala' eketandid not tie up' is not tied to elseunspec. comp. formpig-eketantied together with
eketander. ofeketVwill tie up to else
eketanander. ofeket-ananNa hitching place for animals (such as horses)
elebʔɜ.lɜb1Na person’s spitSimdyumuppuder. ofduppu2.2.3Spit, saliva2n.possdspittle on the ground2.2.3Spit, salivader.melebs.o. will spit
eleb-elebSCE.spit repeatedlyder.eleb-elebanrepeatedly spit on
eleb-elebander. ofeleb-elebVrepeatedly spit on
eleg2ʔɜlɜgNprimprofits from a sale
eleg1ʔɜlɜgN1bite by poisonous2.5.3.2Poison2pain caused by snake bite2.5.6.1Pain
elem2ʔɜlɜmsoak (as in clothing)
elem1ʔɜlɜmSCE.immerse in liquidder.elemaimmerse it (cmd)
elemader. ofelem1Vimmerse it (cmd) in “standby” to wait
elenʔɜ.lɜnNa belt
eleng-eleng1ʔɜ.lɜŋ.ʔɜ.lɜŋSCE.shake one’s headder.mag-eleng-eleng2shake one’s head
elep1ʔɜlɜ congregates is caused to congregate together
elesʔɜlɜsSCE.dareder.paka‑elessomeone dares to do or say something
eletʔɜlɜtN1separating spaceSimameng8.5.4.4Interval, spaceGeoggeography2boundary.line6.5.4.2BoundaryGeoggeography3a small valley1.2.1.4ValleyGeoggeography4a ravine1.2.1.4ValleyGeoggeography5a space in time8.4Timeder.eletananboundary; borderka‑eletanstate of being separated by somethingspiritual deathkya-eletanbe separated by a boundary or spacenyaka‑eletsomeone is separated by something
elet-eletʔɜlɜt.ʔɜlɜtNspaces between (as in fabric)
eletanander. ofeletNboundary; border
elled1ʔɜllɜdVharbor (a grudge)der.nyelled2harbored a grudgepig-elledanharbor a grudge against s.o.
ellep2ʔɜllɜpSCE.1st cousins to marry each first cousins to marry (but not taboo)
ellep1ʔɜl.lɜpSCE.gasp for airder.mig-ellepenens.o. breathes rapidly as a result of laughing uncontrollably or cryingnyellep3gasped for air (as when one is crying)