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ka-2SCE. > vb.statpfx[state]
kakamkr.measure ofsang ka be-en One rice basket full of rice.Simya3
ka-1kaSCE. > Vpfx+Poss/Stateder.ka-eya-ana temporary place to staymangkamataymany people will be killed
ka-agika.ʔagider. ofagi1vb.stathave a way
ka-agi-anvb.statwill go; will pass
ka-akalander. ofakal1Vbe deceived or tricked by s.o.
ka-ambawan2kaʔam.baoander. ofambaw1vb.statbe rat infested
ka-ampuganVbe buried under the rubble of that collapsed
ka-atagander. ofatag1Vs.o. will be able to be given something
ka-ayepanka.ʔa.ˈyɜ.pander. ofayepNa group of common livestock such as a herd or flock or any kind of domesticated animal1.6.6Animal group
ka-ebelanVwill be overcome by smokeSimmag-upukder. ofupuk
ka-ede-anander. ofede'1knowNexperience gained from knowledge
ka-ede-i2kaʔɜdɜʔider. ofede'1knowvb.cognknow' ku ka-ede-i ya ngalan nan.I have no idea what his name is.Form used with the negative existential.
ka-epedananka.ʔɜpɜdanander. ofeped1N1others residing with2one’s constant companions
ka-eya-ander. ofka-1eya'1-an1Na temporary place to stay
ka-galu-ander. ofgalu'1Vs.o. will be deceived by liesSimgaway1
ka-igka.ʔig1NA ka-ig is a rice harvesting knife used by Tagakaulo women. 6.7.1Cutting tool2Vcut with a grain harvest knife
ka-ilawvb.statbe illuminatedder.pigka-ilawanenlightened by
ka-ilawanV1illuminate with a light2bring revelation of to one’s mind; illucidate
ka-ingkudiV1sit (me) down [used with neg. exist.]2sat on
ka-sala-anVcommit sex with
ka-umanvb.statbe changeneg.ex.phrwala' ka-umandid not change
ka-umpuwananka.ʔumpuwanander. ofumpun.possdA person or clan's kya-umpuwanan is their distant ancestors whose exact lineage can not be traced.