English - Tagakaulo


a dipper, water fetchingsasaluk2salukNwater fetching container; a dipper
a person)boton 2botonSCE.let go of (an issue; a person)der.botonander.botonider.kyabotonander.pagbotonider.pigbotonan2neg.ex.phrwala' botoni
a tietabla2tablaNsame; equal; a tie9.6.1.8Equivalence
a wood carving, willkulutancfbasbas1kulutanVwill carve s.th. from wood; a wood carvingSimmagbasbas2
abaca stringulisayʔulisayNabaca stringThe rope that is used to tie stalks of rice plants together while they are still planted in the ground.
abaca stripping machineagutanˈʔa.gu.tann.commAn agutan is a machine used for processing the skin of abaka plant.Agutan ku sa abaka.I will process using an agutan abaka skin.Agragriculture
abaca, strip oftaksi' 1ˈtak.siʔn.concreteTaksi' is a strip of the fiberous skin of the abaca plant from which manila hemp is extracted.5.3ClothingAgragricultureder.taksi-ay
abakapamukanpamukanNPamukan is abaka cloth.5.3Clothing
abaka, or banana plant, new shoot of ansa'1saʔNa new shoot of an abaka, or banana plant1.5.5.1abaka / sagingBotbotany
abaka, waste remains of strippedbugasu' na agutbugasuʔ na agutn.phr.waste remains of stripped abaka
abandonayaw1 2ˈʔa.ya͡uSCE.abandonder.ayawander.ayawanander.ayawider.mayawder.pag-ayawder.pig-ayawander.pig‑ayawanneg.ex.phrwala' ayawider.ya pag-ayawya pag-ayawˈʔa.yauVthings left behind; abandon
abandon it (cmd)ayawi 2Vabandon it (cmd)
abandon s.th., cannotwala' ayawiPhr.cannot abandon s.th.
abandon s.th., willayawan 2Vwill abandon s.th.
abandoned s.th.pig-ayawan 1Vabandoned s.th.
abandoning of s.t., thepag-ayawVthe abandoning of s.t.
abated (high water)nyigitnyigitVabated (high water)
abcesses, breast.tuktukan na uwaktuktukan na uwakn.phr.A tuktukan na aba are breast abscesses.2.1Body2.5.2.2Skin disease
abdomen, one’sbuntitbun.titNthe belly of a person or animal2.1.2Torso1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy
abducted and carried away a s.o.’s wifepigtangal2taŋalVabducted and carried away a s.o.’s wifePigtangal na eseg ya ka͡ubayan.The man +abducted and +carried +away the woman.
ability to do, thekabatuganvb.statthe ability to do
able to accompany, s.o. will bemaka-agad3ˈʔa.gadvb.intrans.mots.o. will be able to accompany
able to be theremaka͡awunVable to be thereid.dili' maka͡awun
able to do, s.o. ismabatugVs.o. is able to do
able, bekabatugvb.statbe ableneg.ex.phrwala' kabatug