English - Tagakaulo


adheres, s.o.magdeketVs.o. sticks to; adheres
adhesive-like sticky, s.th. is perceived to bemadeketma.ˈdɜ.kɜtvb.stats.th. is perceived to be adhesive-like stickyMadeket ya lupa'.The soil is sticky. (it is adhering to my feet)
adjoin each othertangkil1taŋkilRLtyumangkil1SCE.adjoin each otherder.magtangkil2der.pigtangkil2der.tangkilender.tumangkil2
adjoin s.th. else, s.th. willtumangkil2taŋkilVs.th. will adjoin s.th. else
adjoins s.th. else, s.th.tyumangkil1taŋkilVs.th. adjoins s.th. else
administer poli-aypoli‑an2po.li.ʔanVadminister poli-ayPigpoli-an aku na buyag yan agaw mig-ise' da aku.The old woman administered the herbal fertility medicine to me, that for sure is why I had a child.
admireibeg 2ʔibɜgvb.statadmirecontr.der.mébeg
admiresmagsaya'2sayaʔVadmires; praises; thinks highly of s.o.Syndeyen
admires something or someone, s.o.mébegˈme.bɜgVs.o. admires something or someone
admit another into a place, someone was able tonyakaseledVsomeone was able to admit another into a placeUsually because a person has the right or privilege to be admitted; such as having a friend, or ticket, or pass that allows for one to be admitted inside.
admitted inside, allow someone to bepigpaseledVallow someone to be admitted inside
adopt a child (by a relative)taken1takɜnSCE.adopt a child (by a relative)der.pigtakender.takenen2
adopt a child (by a relative), willtakenen2takɜnVwill adopt a child (by a relative)
advised, s.o.pigpalna-uVs.o. taught; advised
advisormagpalna‑uway2Nadvisor; counsellor
afraidmag-allek2ˈʔal.lɜkVWhen a person mag-allek another person he will frighten them.
afraid of something, will bemallekVwill be afraid of something
afraid, s.o.nyallek2ˈnyaal.lɜkVWhen a person is nyallek she is afraid of something.
afraid, s.o. becamemigkallek2mig.kaal.lɜkVIf a person is migka-allek he has become afraid of something.
afraid, will becomemagkallek2mag.kaal.lɜkVAfraid
after a whilemenda-menda'mɜnda.ʔmɜndaʔconjafter a while
afternoonambung1ˈʔam.buŋNthe afternoon of a day8. of the dayid.ambung dader.iyambungder.mambung2der.pagpangiyambungder.pangiyambungtumaklis ya segaVafternoon; 1 pm8. of the day
afternoon mealpangiyambungNafternoon or evening mealeating the evening meal
against (rebelling), is notwala' atuPhr.is not against (rebelling)
against s.o. or s.th. constantlysyumungsung 2suŋsuŋVbeing against s.o. or s.th. constantly; pressureSaid of someone who is inferior to you.
agitate waterlinung1linuŋSCE.agitate waterder.maglinungder.miglinung2der.piglinung
agitates water (hab.), s.th. or s.omaglinungVs.th. or s.o agitates water (hab.)
agong, play anmaningkulcfmaningkultugtugVplay an agong
agongs, play more that twotagungguSCE.play more that two agongsUsually a set of 5, 7, or 9 agungs of different sizes. They are each set up suspended from a horizontal pole.
agree (shaking head)tange'taŋɜʔSCE.agree (shaking head)der.tatange'
agree withtande'tandɜʔSCE.agree withuyun1 1ʔuyunSCE.agree with; concur3.2.5.4Agree with someoneder.ka-uyunan2der.uyunan2
agree with, s.o. willtumande'RLtyumande'3Vs.o. will agree with
agreed to, thinguyunan2ʔuyunVthing agreed to
agreed with another, s.o.tyumande'3tandɜʔVs.o. agreed with another3. with someone
agroundgalgalVaground and stuck goodder.nyakagalgal
aground and really stuck, rannyakagalgalVran aground and really stuckSaid in context of a boat hung up on a reef or shallows.
air, windsametsamɜtNwind; breeze1.2.3.3Gas1.1.3.1Wind1.1.2Air
alertinap1ʔinapSCE.alert2.3.1.2Watchder.mag-inap2maglamamag.ˈla.maVs.o. is alert; an guard for something
alert, habituallymag-inap2ʔinapVs.o. is habitually alert2.3.1.2Watch
aliendayudayuSCE.stranger; alienunspec. comp. formdumadayudumadayudumadayuNalien
alightapun2ˈʔa.punSCE.perch; alightder.apunander.apunanander.mapun3der.nyapun
alight on, s.th. willmapun3ˈʔa.puna.punVs.th. will perch; alight on
alight s.wh., willapunanVwill alight s.wh.
alightednyapunVIf a bird nyapun, it alighted or landed on a branch of a tree or bush1.6.1.2Bird1.6.4Animal actions
alighting placeapunananʔapunananNalighting place
alikeunawa1ʔunawaSCE.same; alike; equal9.6.1.8Equivalence8.͡anunspec. comp. formpigpa-unawa͡anneg.ex.phrwala' pag-unawa
alive, stillutaw paʔutaw pav.phrstill alive2.6Life1.4Living things
all inclusivekadakula'kadakulaʔvb.statwhole of; all inclusive der.pakadakula-a