English - Tagakaulo


apprehenddakep1ˈda.kɜpSCE.apprehend; detain; arrestSimpigdulusder.dakepader.dakepender.pigdakep2der.pigpadakep2
apprehended, cause s.o. else to bepigpadakep2ˈda.kɜpVIf a person pigpadakep another person, he caused him to be captured, arrested, or apprehended for some reason by the people he commands.
approach a fixed location, s.o. willmamapaVs.o. will approach a fixed location
approach another, someonemagpalapitVsomeone to approach another
approach cautiouslydulud1du.ludSCE.approach cautiouslyder.dumulud2der.pigdulud
approach, todumulud2duludRLdyumuludVto approachMagkamulamula aku dumulud.I will be embarassed to +come +near.
approached a fix location, s.o.nyamapaVs.o. approached a fix location
approached cautiouslydyumuludVs.o. approached or came close to
approaching another who is standing still, s.o. isnyampaVs.o. is approaching another who is standing still
apronsalindung 1.1Vapron; outer covering
area, open space in an enclosedluwang2Nopen or empty space in an enclosed area
area-great or smallbanwa 3ˈban.waNarea-great or smallid.kadakula' na banwacomp.tagbanwa
areas floodsmagba'Vareas floodsUnu ya imo-un mayu kun magba'?What will you-pl. do when /if it floods?1.3.2Movement of water
argueayil 1ˈʔa.yilSCE.argue; quarrel3.
argue about s.th., willayilanVwill argue about s.th.
argue verballyayil‑ayilʔayilʔayilSCE.argue verbally3.
argues about, the thing onepig-ayilanVthe thing one argues about
argument, heatedmag-italisVs.o. does not agree and verbal argument takes place with anotherHeated verbal arguing over disageements and differences of opinions.
argument, point of anlagas 2Nfigpoint of an argumentThe core or essence of an argument; the main point.
argument, weakpeyapeya 3pɜyapɜyaSCE.weak argumentSaid of one’s reasoning
argumentsayil 2ˈʔa.yilNverbal quarrelsder.ayilander.pig-ayilan
arise, s.o. tomagbangunVs.o. to get up; arise
arm, one’sbektenbɜk.tɜnn.possdA person's arm2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
armpit, one’silekˈʔi.lɜkn.possda person’s armpit2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
armspan or appox. 2 meters, one fullsandepasandɜpaadj.sizeone full armspan or appox. 2 meters
arrangepigtapid2ˈta.pidta.pidVIf a woman pigtapid things on a table, her clothing, or her dress, she is putting them in order.5Daily life7.5.9Put7.3.4.3Put down7.5.5Organizetalatag2talatagSCE.to arrange; put in orderder.magkatalatagder.migkatalatagder.pagkatalatag3tapid1ˈta.pidta.pidSCE.put in order; arrangeder.migtapidder.pigtapid2der.tapiden
arrange like things one next to the other , s.o. willmagkatalatagtalatagVs.o. will arrange like things one next to the other
arrange something in some kind of ordertapidtapidenVwill arrange s.th. in some kind of order
arrange things in ordertapidtapidSCE.arrange things in orderder.magtapidtapidder.pigtapidtapidder.tapidtapiden
arrange, willtapidenVwill arrange
arranged like things one next to the other , s.o.migkatalatagtalatagVs.o. arranged like things one next to the other
arranged somethingpigtapidtapidVarranged something
arranged, s.o.migtapidVs.o. arranged
arrestdakep1ˈda.kɜpSCE.apprehend; detain; arrestSimpigdulusder.dakepader.dakepender.pigdakep2der.pigpadakep2
arrest (neu.)dakepaVarrest (neu.)
arrest, willdakepenVwill arrest
arrestedpigdakep2ˈda.kɜpVcaptured; arrested; detainedSaid of someone who has the authority to do so.
arrivedateng1 1ˈda.tɜŋRLdyumateng2SCE.arriveder.datengan1der.datengan2der.datenganander.dumadatengder.dumateng2der.dyatengneg.ex.phrwala' datengid.ya datengandateng1 2ˈda.tɜŋRLdyumateng2VprimIf a person is said to have not yet arrived, he has not yet dateng.Wala' pa dateng ya kapitan adti bariyo.The barangay captain has not yet arrived at the barrio.' datengid.ya datengandyumateng2ˈda.tɜŋVprimIf a person has dyumateng, she has arrived.
arrive at , willdatengan2ˈda.tɜŋVwill arrive at
arrive at goalloslosVarrive at goal
arrive at, to bedyatengan2ˈda.tɜŋVIf a person is dyatengan, he has been arrive at by something such as an idea, or a supernatural spirit.
arrive unexpectedlyibwangˈʔib.waŋSCE.arrive unexpectedlyder.maka-ibwang
arrive unexpectedly at one's house, s.o. willmaka-ibwangVs.o. will arrive unexpectedly at one's house
arrive, s.o. willdumateng2ˈda.tɜŋRLdyatengan2dyumatengVs.o. will arriveder.datengan2
arrive, sure topigpakawunVsure to arriveSaid of someone who has a plan or purpose, who will not stand the other party up in an agreement.
arrived, notwala' datengPhr.not arrived
arrow for shooting animal???lakaglakagNarrow for shooting animal???
arrow shaftgesa'gɜsaʔNarrow shaft