English - Tagakaulo


able, s.o. wasnyabatugVs.o. was able
abort a trip part-way along the waysoli'1soliʔSCE.abort a trip part-way along the way
aboundpalapuwaVabound; exceed; overpouring
about s.th.tepad 1tɜ.padconjabout s.th.
above /high (in status or authority)tas1 2taasSCE.above /high (in status or authority)comp.adti tas2der.katas2der.matas1der.matas2der.matas3der.pakatasen
above s.th. , thereadti tas2taasadv.dir.there above s.th.
above s.th. else, s.th. ismatas1ma.taasvb.stats.th. is above s.th. else
above the heavensadti tas na langitʔadti tas na laŋitloc.phr.above the heavensIf a person will ask a Tagakaulo Kalagan where God resides, they will reply adti tas na langit, that is, above the heavens. 4.9.6Heaven, hell
abrasion sore, s.th. causes anpigpakpakpakpakVs.th. causes an abrasion sore
abrasion sore, s.th. will cause anpakpakenpakpakVs.th. will cause an abrasion sore
abreast of, beabay2ˈʔa.baySCE.be abreast ofder.mag-abay2der.mig-abay3
absolute control of , havetakmag1 3takmagRLtyakmag2have absolute control of der.takmagan
abundantgulla'adjabundant; lush
acccompanied s.o. s.wh.pig-agad-agadanVacccompanied s.o. s.wh.
acceptdawat 1dawatRLdyawatSCE.acceptder.migdawatder.nyakadawatder.pigdawat
accept, willdawatenVwill accept
accepteddyumawatVs.o. accepted; received
accepted s.o.pigdawat 1Vaccepted s.o.
accepted, s.o.migdawatVs.o. accepted
accompanied each other s.wh.pig-iyagadcfpig-iyagadpig-iyepedVaccompanied each other s.wh.Can be said of total strangers who for a particular purpose accompany each other for a period of time on a trip.
accompanied s.o.pig-agadanVaccompanied s.o.
accompanied, s.o.nyagadnyaa.gadVs.o. accompanied
accompanies, s.o. alwaysmig-agad-agad2ˈʔa.ga.ˈda.gadvb.intrans.motWhen someone mig-agadagad they go with or accompany somebody somewhere.
accompanyagad-agadan2ˈʔa.ga.ˈda.gadvb.intrans.motIf a person, being, or animal will agadagadan they will be accompanied by someone or something.7.2.5Accompany
accompany (against ones will), cause s.o. topa-agad3 2ˈʔa.gadRLpya-agad3vb.trans.motcause s.o. to accompany (against ones will)