English - Tagakaulo


accompany (cmd)aagadʔa͡a.gadvb.stataccompany (cmd)Aagad kamu kanaken adti simbahan kunallaw.You go with/accompany me to church tomorrow.Command
accompany another somewhere, someone is forced topigpa‑agadVsomeone is forced to accompany another somewhereSimated
accompany another, will cause s.o. topa-agadan3ˈʔa.gadVIf a someone is pa-agadan they will be the one caused to accompany a person to some place.Used in the context of being kidnapped, abducted, or carried away into captivity.
accompany s.o. (used with neg. existential)agadiVaccompany s.o. (used with neg. existential)
accompany s.o. , caused topigpa-agad3ˈʔa.gadvb.trans.motIf something pigpa-agad is being caused to go with or follow along side of someone.Usually because they are forced to against one’s will.
accompany s.o. , willagadan3ˈʔa.gadvb.intrans.motIf a person will agadan they will be the one being accompanied by someone or something.7.2.5Accompany
accompany someone, the priviledge to be able topagpaka‑agadVthe priviledge to be able to accompany someone
accompany them s.wh., s.o. causes another topagpa-agadanVs.o. causes another to accompany them s.wh.
accompany, allowed topya-agad3pʸa.ˈʔa.gadvb.trans.motIf a person pya-agad someone he was allowed to accompany them.
accompany, alwaysagad-agadˈʔa.ga.ˈda.gadSCE.Go withder.pig-agad-agadan
accompany, many are caused topyampa-agad3ˈʔa.gadvb.trans.motMany people pyampa-agad if they are forced to accompany somebody such as after a raid on a village.
accompany, s.o. willmagad3ˈmaa.gadVs.o. will accompany7.2.5.2Follow
accompanying s.o.pig-agad-agadVaccompanying s.o.
accursed, bekyatullunanvb.statbe accursed
accursed, will be -plmagpanullunVwill be accursed-pl
accusation, a falsepagbintangNa false accusation
accuse falselydapel1ˈda.pɜlSCE.accuse falselySimpigselselder.pigdapel2
accuse s.o., will rightfullypasala-enVwill rightfully accuse s.o.
accused of s.th., wronglypigdapel2ˈda.pɜlVIf a person has been pigdapel he has been wrong accused of a crime.Pigdapel aku nilan tyumakaw sa kuda'.I was +wrongly +accused by them of stealing the horse.
accustomnalam1SCE.accustomder.kanalamander.kyanalamander.ma-inalamunspec. comp. formmagkanalamnalam2der.magnalamder.nalamader.nalamender.nyanalamder.pignalam2neg.ex.phrwala' kanalaminalamaVaccustom
accustom to, becamenyanalamnya.na.lamvb.statbecame accustom toNyanalam aku adti buntud.I have become accustom to living here in the mountains.
accustom to, s.o. is notwala' kanalamiPhr.s.o. is not accustom to
accustom to, thing one iskanalamanvb.statthing one is accustom to
accustomed to, habituallymagnalamVhabitually accustomed to