English - Tagakaulo


amulettanengtanɜŋNamulet4.9.4Miracle, supernatural power
amulet that has power to prevent one from getting shot , ankebbulkɜbbulNan amulet that has power to prevent one from getting shot.Relreligion
amuse oneself in recreationlingawlingawliŋawliŋawSCE.amuse oneself in recreation
amusedbulitekbulitɜkVIf a person is nyabulitek, they are pleasantly amused and are chuckling to themselves. Simikel1der.nyabulitek
an agreement, apakang 2pakaŋNpromise; agreementIt cannot be a true agreement or pakang until all parties involved agree to it.ex.phr.abus da pagpakangex.phr.abus da pakangander.magpakangder.pigpakangan
an guard for something, s.o. ismaglamamag.ˈla.maVs.o. is alert; an guard for something
ancestor, originaltyugbulan2tugbuln.possdoriginal ancestor4.1.9.1Related by birth
ancestorstugbul1 1tugbulsp. var.tubbulRLtyugbulan2tyugbulanenSCE.ancestorsder.katugbulder.tugbulanan
ancestors, one’s distantka-umpuwananka.ʔumpuwanann.possdA person or clan's kya-umpuwanan is their distant ancestors whose exact lineage can not be traced.
ancestors, one's traceabletugbulanantugbulananNone's traceable ancestors
anchor for a boatangklaNanchor for a boat
ancienttapaytapaytapaytapayadjIf something or someone is tapaytapay, it is ancient or very old.Tapaytapay da silan mig-egket.They were married a long time ago.
ancient timekadengankadɜŋanadv.timeancient time; very long time ago
andaw 1ʔauconj.coordand
and ifaw 3ʔauconj.illust.and if9.2.5.2Clause conjunctions9.2.5.1Phrase conjunctions
and soaw 2ʔauconj.illust.and so9.2.5.2Clause conjunctions9.2.5.1Phrase conjunctions
anemicpessé'pɜssɜʔNanemic2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvationpunsé'punsɜʔdial. var.pessé'vb.statIf a person is said to be punsé', they are pale or anemic, lacking in sufficiant iron in their blood., starvation
angelanghilNangelsugu-anen na Tyumanem lekat adti langitsugu.ʔanɜn na Tyumanɜm lɜkat adti laŋitn.phr.A sugu-anen na Tyumanem lekat adti langit is an angel from God.4.9.2Supernatural being
anger, be overcome withkadamaniVbe overcome with angerWala' kadamani.Not angry.
anger, burned withsyumuluVburned with anger
anger, expressingkalaw1 2kalawinterjexpressing angerid.tay kalaw
anger, fiercekayseganVfierce anger
anger, hold intekatɜkaVhold in anger
anger, hotsuluRLsyumuluSCE.hot anger