English - Tagakaulo


baby sat, s.o.miggatgaatVs.o. baby sat
baby sitgat1gaatSCE.baby sitder.maggatder.miggat
baby sit, s.o. willmaggatgaatVs.o. will baby sitMaggat aku sa ise'.I will +baby +sit the child.
baby, white embryonic covering of newbornkulaputkulaputNThe kulaput is the white embryonic covering of a newborn baby.2.6.3Birth
baby.birdimpisʔim.pisNa newly hatched baby bird1.6.1.2Bird1.6.3Animal life cycleOrnornithology
baby.chickunsuyʔun.suyNa baby chick1.6.1.2Bird1.6.3Animal life cycleOrnornithology
back center of one’s headbatutukba.tu.ˈtukn.possdthe area of the center back of a person’s head.2.1.1HeadAnatanatomy
back of an animalbagakwang 2ba.gak.ˈwaŋNback of an animal1.6.2Parts of an animalunspec. comp. formapit adti bagakwang
back of one’s hand, areakamaw 1ka.maon.possdthe back of someone’s hand.
back thenidtu2ˈʔid.tupron.temp.demonback then9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
back, lowersikangenSCE.lower back
back, one’sbagakwang 1ba.gak.ˈwaŋNA person’s back 2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomyunspec. comp. formapit adti bagakwang
backbone, asagasa-anNa backbone
backbone, animal’spesa' na bagakwang 2n.phr.the backbone or spine of an animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animal
backbone, one’spesa' na bagakwang 1n.phr.a person’s backbone2.1.6Bone, joint
background noise (people talking)ugal1 1ʔugalSCE.background noise (people talking)3.5.1Say2.3.2.3Types of sounds
backtracked one’s journeypigliku-anVbacktracked one’s journey; returned back s.wh.
bacteriakaluli 1kaluliNbacteria1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
bad charactermalat ya betadj.Phr.bad character
bad, s.o. or s.th. perceived asmalatmalatvb.stats.o. or s.th. perceived as badder.malatayder.pagmalaten
badung, point of asangadsan.gadNpoint of a badung
bag with a draw string at the opening, cloth or leatherpu‑utSCE.cloth or leather bag with a draw string at the openingUsed to carry coin money.say.pu‑ut sa kabil
bakada, for people tomaka-ubaybayunspec. var.makobaybayVfor people to go around together as friends; bakada
balancetimbang1 1timbaŋSCE.balanceder.pantimbangender.pigtimbangder.timbangen1der.timbangen2
balance a debtdansel2dansɜlSCE.balance a debt
balance a load on an animalkatakataka͡an2ka.ta.ka.ta.ˈka͡anVbalance a load on an animalSimlulantakataka1takatakaSCE.balance a load on an animalder.katakataka͡an2
balance two things (as in weighing), willtimbangen1timbaŋVwill balance two things (as in weighing)timbangen2timbaŋVwill balance two things (as in weighing)
balanced two things (as in weighing)pigtimbangtimbaŋVbalanced two things (as in weighing)
balconybalkunbal.kunNlower floor of a split-level houseThis is the area that people congregate to visit.
baldlupawlu.ˈpa͡ovb.statto be bald2.1.5Hair2.1.1Headder.kyalupawander.malupawder.nyalupaw
bald, s.o. isnyalupawVs.o. is bald
balete (banyan) treebedbed1bɜdbɜdNBalete Banyan treeA bedbed is a kind of parasitic tree which in time will climb and live off a healthy tree until it literally smothers it to death; and this plant is an oracle tree of spirits.ficus balete1.5.1TreeBotbotany
bamboo blow pipepulayeppulayɜpNbamboo blow pipe
bamboo bridgetaytaytaytaySCE.bamboo bridge1.3.1.3Riverder.taytayan
bamboo cannonlantakalantakaNA lantaka is a bamboo cannon and is often made by chidren as a toy around Christmas and New Year's time. 4.2.6Entertainment, recreation
bamboo container, shortawugNshort bamboo container
bamboo grass, a variety oftungkayantuŋkayanNa variety of bamboo grassTungkayan is a bamboo grass, and has a deep, green colored body with nodes far apart. It is sought after by Tagakaulo women for making baskets.
bamboo shoot, newdabungdabuŋNThe dabung is a new bamboo shoot.
bamboo that has been cut lengthwise, flattensasalsa.ˈsalcfsasalsinawali'SCE.flatten bamboo that has been cut lengthwiseSasal is made from akus, a kind of bamboo that is not very durable.6.5.3Building materials
bamboo thornbalantak1ba.lan.takRLkyabalantakan2Nbamboo thornA balantak is a long, narrow shaped thorn of certain varieties of bamboo grass.
bamboo tube to direct air, apuleyappu.le.yapNa bamboo tube to direct airA bamboo tube to direct air to a fire to increase it.
bamboo tube used for storing rice or corn seedsaluganNbamboo tube used for storing rice or corn seed
bamboo used for torches, oldlaganglagaŋNLagang is old, dried bamboo of laya' used for making torches at night.
bamboo, immaturelumbu'lumbuʔNimmature bamboo1.5.6Growth of plants1.5.3.2reedsBotbotany
bamboo, k.o.laya'layaʔNk.o. bambooLaya' is a bamboo grass6.5.3Building materials1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
bamboo, long, thin strips of a finishedsangal1sa.ŋalNSangal are long, thin strips of finished bamboo used for making floors and furniture.Simaslag1der.sangalan2der.sangalen2
bamboo, long, thin strips of finishedaslag1ʔaslagNAslag are long, thick strips of finished bamboo used for making floors and furniture.Simsangal1der.aslagan2
bamboo, make s.th. from long, thin splitaslagan2ʔaslagVmake s.th. from long, thin split bamboo
banaba treemanaba'manabaʔNBanaba treeA small tree which when in bloom has very colorful pink flowers. The tree has several medicinal uses: the flowers can be made into tea as a medicine to stimulate the pancreas to produce additional insulin. The seeds are used for medicine in treating leukemia.1.5.1TreeBotbotany