English - Tagakaulo


bellybuntitbun.titNthe belly of a person or animal2.1.2Torso1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy
belly fat, one’skulabingn.possdthe extra fat that some people have around their belly2.1.7Flesh
belly strap of a saddle rigpangabacfapidkakangkakangpaliyegpangabapangabapangikugpangikugpunguspungussiya'Nbelly strap of a saddle rig
below another in statusmagpadana'Vs.o. is always below another in status; s.o. looks down onSimmagpadalem
below or underneath, directlydalem1dalɜmder. ofdalem1directly below or underneathNIf a person is standing on the first floor and his friend is standing on the second floor of a house, he is adti dalem or directly below his friend on the second floor.der.padalemender.magpadalemay
below, thereadti dalemˈʔad.ti da.ˈlɜmloc.phr.For something or someone to be located there below some other object.
beltelenʔɜ.lɜnNa belt
bend and snapkibbing1kibbiŋvb.statbend and snapder.nyakibbing2
bend at stomachsakungsakungVbend at stomachder.magkasakungsakung
bend downbutuk1butukSCE.sag; bend downder.nyabutuk2
bend one's body backli-ad1li.ʔadRLlyumi-ad2SCE.bend one's body back
bends completely over, s.o.tumuwadVs.o. bends completely over7.1Posture
bends their back back, s.o.magpaki-adSCE.s.o. bends their back back7.1Posture
beneficiary of something, be theka‑untungiVbe the beneficiary of something
benefitsbunnal 2bunnalNbenefitsuntung1 1ʔuntuŋRLkya-untungan2Nbenefits8.3.7Goodder.ka-untungander.ka‑untungider.pigka-untunganid.wa’y untung
bent and snapped, s.th. wasnyakibbing2kibbiŋvb.stats.th. was bent and snapped7.8.4Tear, rip
bent downnyabutuk2butukVs.th. sagged; bent downNyabutuk da ya dawun na mangga' kay madég ya bunga nan.The leaves of the mango tree are bending down because it has much fruit.
bent one's body back to face upwardlyumi-ad2li.ʔadVIf a person lyumi-ad, they have bent backwards with their face towards the sky such as when looking at stars or birds flying overhead.
bent over, becomemagkasakungsakungvb.statbend over at one’s stomach7.1Posture
beriberibilibiliNberiberi2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvation
beseechmanginayu'maŋinayuʔVwill beseech; will humbly request; beg3.5.1.5Ask
bestow a name on s.o.pigngalan2ŋalanVbestow a name on s.o.
betel chew, components ofmama'1ma.ˈmaʔNcomponents of betel chewder.magmama-ayder.magmama'2der.mama-en2
Betel leaf pepperbuyu'ˈbu.yuʔNBetel leaf pepperThe betel leaf pepper is a smooth, climbing vine with oval leaves. The male flowers are found on fleshy stalks. The leaves are chewed with the betel nut. 1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
betel nut (to be chewed)pama'SCE.betel nut (to be chewed)der.mama'1der.papama-en