English - Tagakaulo


conquerormag-agawaymag.ʔagawayNIf somebody is a mag-agaway they raid, conquer, seize, or kidnap other people or their possessions by force.
consensus decision, bring aka-uyunan2ʔuyunvb.statIf there is ka-uyunan na kadég, the group has a concensus decision., test3.3.1Decide, plan
consensus, have come to apig-unawa͡anVhave come to a consensus
constantly brushedkalengaskalɜŋasVconstantly brushedKalengasen ya mama'.The betel chew is constantly brushing/scraping one's teeth.
constellation, Orionbalatik na busawba.ˈla.tik na ˈbu.sa͡un.phr.Orion crossThe balatik na busaw is the Tagakaulo name for the southern constellation Orion Cross.
consumeubus1ʔu.busSCE.use up; consumeSimka͡abusder.pig-ubusder.ubus2der.ubusa3der.ubusun
consume by firesangab1saŋabSCE.consume by fireder.masangabder.nyasangab2neg.ex.phrwala' kasangab
consume itubusa3ʔu.busVconsume it; use it upUbusa la ya nyasama' na kakan awun ni kalnidu.Use up the rest of the rice in the kettle.Command7.9.3Destroy
consume s.th., willubusunVwill consume s.th.
consumed by worms, s.th. ispig-uludVs.th. is consumed by worms
containampang1ʔampaŋRLkya-ampangan2SCE.Of people:der.ampangander.pig-ampang2der.pig-ampangan
contained, bekya-ampangan2ʔampaŋVbe containedSaid of water in a small pool (linaw).
containersasaluk2salukNwater fetching container; a dipper
container for ba͡ay, smallsukkung 1sukkuŋNsmall container for ba͡ay
container used for storing rice seed , small wovenmungngoˈmuŋ.ŋoNsmall woven container used for storing rice seed.k. ofanesbe‑ennipe'sekatentakba'
container with lid, k.o. small wovensekatensɜkatɜninf. var.sukatenNk.o. small woven contain with lidk. ofanesbe‑enmungngonipe'takba'
container, bamboo waterkubungku.buŋNA kubung is a bamboo water container used for fetching and carrying water.6.7.7Container
container, empty aawanˈʔa.wanVempty a container
container, flat and oblong wovenkampilu'kampiluʔNA kampilu' is a flat, oblong woven bamboo container used for storing clothing.
container, k.o. large wovenkawadenkawadɜnNA kawaden is a large woven bamboo container used for storage.6.7.7Container
container, k.o. wovennipe'nipɜʔNk.o. woven containerSmall in size, has a square base and a round body.k. ofanesbe‑enmungngosekatentakba'6.7.7Container
container, large porcelainsinampalansinampalanNlarge porcelain containerA large ornate porcelain jar either made by or traded through the Spanish. It is considered one of the cultural treasures of the Tagakaulo in times past because it was not locally made.Simbagaksibulan
container, smallabi-ananʔa.bi.ˈʔa.nanNsmall containerIt is usually is a woven container of some variety of bamboo or of wood, and has an open top.
container, small wovenbabalananbabalananNsmall woven containerA babalanan is a small woven container with a lid like a sukatan used used for carrying newly caught fish, crabs, or seeds, etc.
container, square woventalu-ungtalu.ʔuŋNA talu-ung is a square woven basketlike container. 6.7.7Container
container, tightly-weaved fieldbe‑enˈbɜ.ʔɜnNA be-en is tightly woven harvest container which can hold 7.5 gantangs of rice.k. ofanesmungngonipe'sekatentakba' baskets and mats
container, very tall wovenanesˈʔa.nɜsNAn anes is a very tall and large, cylinder-shaped woven basketlike container. k. ofbe‑enmungngonipe'sekatentakba'
containers, the design on edge of wovenbenes 2bɜ.ˈnɜsNThe benes is the design on the edge of woven containers.
continuallygayed 1ˈga.yɜdvb.auxIf some action is considered to be gayed it is continuing action.Simkenne'
continually nowgayed dafr. var.gadaPhr.continually now
continueabayaVgo ahead; continueSimpigdelegpadeleg 2padɜlɜgvb.act.continueder.pagpadelegpag-abaypag.ʔaa.baiVcontinueYa-i +pag-abay kanaten ya balawbalaw mu kay nyang-ilut kita.Don't stop talking for us (for our sake) just because we are massaging each other.Used with negative existential, spatial existential ˈdunˈ; prohibitive command ˈya-iˈ.
continue (cmd), cause topadelegaVcause to continue (cmd)
continue onabay1ʔaa.baiSCE.continue onid.abaya lader.abayen3der.mag-abay1der.pag-abayder.pig-abaysalay3 1salayNIf something is salay, it is continuing on or hanging on such as one's illness, or an overcast sky but usually implies a positive attitude.id.salay da
continue to proceed with, willmag-abay1magʔaa.ba͡ivb.auxWhen someone will mag-abay they will continue to do something.
continue, willabayen3ʔa.ˈba.yɜnVWhen a person abayen they will continue doing something.Abayen ta ya pigbalawbalaw ta kumanggabi.Let's continue with what we talking about last night.Abayen da ku ya mangumpay sa kuda'.I will continue now with getting fodder for the horse.
continued onpig-abayVcontinued on
continues yetkenne' pavb.auxcontinues yet9.1.1.1Exist
continuing onwardpagpadelegVcontinuing onward
continuous-iterativekenne'kɜn.nɜʔvb.auxcontinuous-iterativeSimgayed 1
contract document, akasulatanNa contract document
contract one's stomach muscleseges1ʔɜgɜsSCE.contract one's stomach musclesder.meges2
contracts their stomach muscles, s.o.meges2ʔɜgɜsVs.o. contracts their stomach musclesUsually in the context of when a woman is giving birth, or when some is defecating and is constipated7.7.4Press
control one’s selftagenan2tagɜnVcontrol one’s selfTagenan ta kaw.Get a grip on your emotions.
control one’s self, s.o. is able tomagkatagen2tagɜnVs.o. is able to control one’s self
control, have control overmigdumalaVsomeone governs something
converge, for two rivers tomigsulangVfor two rivers to converge
convert s.o. (to believe)madala1Vconvert s.o. (to believe)
conveyance s.o. is riding onsyakayanNconveyance s.o. is riding onya syakayan namiour mode of transportation
convulsebuntugan na usabuntugan na usaIf someone is said to buntugan na usa, he is having convulsion, is acting crazy or possessed by a spirit.
convulsions caused by feverpagkawayen takigPhr.convulsions caused by fever