English - Tagakaulo


cooklutu'lutuʔSCE.cookder.paglutu-anneg.ex.phrwala' pakalutu'
cook ba͡ay in a kettle without lardsukal2sukalVcook ba͡ay in a kettle without lardSukala ya baay adti kalnidu.Cook the +baay in the kettle.
cook by boilinglaga2lagaSCE.cook by boiling
cook grated sweet potatoes or maize wrapped in banana leaves and boiled , tomagkadal2kadalVto cook grated sweet potatoes or maize wrapped in banana leaves and boiled
cook meat, poultry, or seafood in bamboo tubelulut1 2lulutcook meat, poultry, or seafood in bamboo tube5.2.1.1Cooking methods
cook over fire, s.o. willmag-atulun2ʔa.ˈtu.lunRLmig-atulun2Vs.o. will cook over fireMag-atulun silan ad dalem na balay nilan.They will cook over a fire under the their house.
cook roots by putting on coalskaling 2kaliŋVcook roots by putting on coals5.2.1.1Cooking methods
cook s.th. -cmdpaglutu-anVcook s.th. -cmd
cook sweet potato in a bamboo tubetasak 2ta.ˈsakcook sweet potato in a bamboo tube
cook, was not able towala' pakalutu'Phr.was not able to cook
cookedilaw paʔilaw pan.phr.partially cooked; rare
cooked (cooking bananas), skin will not peel because insufficientlymaglagusi'2lagusiʔVIf a cooking banana is maglagusi' pa, the skin will not peel because it is not cooked fully through.
cooked , not sufficientlylagusi'1lagusiʔSCE.not sufficiently cooked Said of a cooked banana whose skin will not peel offder.maglagusi'2
cooked [ready to eat]nyalutu'Vcooked [ready to eat]
cooked and mashed rootslusuk 1lu.ˈsukNcooked and mashed rootssay.lusuk na kasila' kawuy
cooked in bamboo, meat, poultry or seafoodlulut1 1lulutNmeat, poultry or seafood cooked in bamboo
cooked in bamboo, ricelulubˈlu.lubNLulub is a rice wrapped in leaves of the agikik plant and cooked in a layi' bamboo tube.5.2Food
cooked on coals, thingskaling 1kaliŋNthings cooked on coals
cooked rice, soft,bilbugbilbugNsoft, cooked rice
cooked with fire, s.o.mig-atulun2ʔa.ˈtu.lunVs.o. cooked with fire
cookiegalnitaNcracker; cookie
cooking baay by shaping into pancake and cooking over an open fire, a method ofbinalubinaluVa method of cooking baay by shaping into pancake and cooking over an open fireBinaluwa ya paglutu' mu sa ba͡ay.Your cooking of the baay should be by shaping into pancake form and placing over the open fire.
cooking over open fire, k.o.lablablablabSCE.k.o. cooking over open fire
cooking placeabu1ˈʔa.bun.possdThe That is the thing she will do there-at the +cooking-place, wash the dishes, make the rice, fetch water, pound rice.6.5.2Parts of a buildingenenananʔɜnɜnananNcooking place; stoveA place for putting pots, kettles, and pans over a fire to cook things.6.7.7Container
cooking pot, claykulunˈku.luncfkulunpalalibanNA kulun is any clay cooking pot. These kind of pots are very rarely seen anymore because of the extensive use of aluminum and plastic is cooking and kitchen wares.Simallitpalaliban
cool an animal, makepalubugun2lubugVmake cool an animalPalubugun ya kalabaw kay mapasu' to-o.+Cool +off the water buffalo because it is really hot.Animals such as water buffalo and pigs don’t sweat so to keep from overheating and risk dying, they must be placed in mud or water to cool off during the heat of the day.
cool one’s mouth by puffingmigpawaw2pawawVIf a person eats something spicy hot and migpawaw, they are puffing air to cool off their mouth. 2.2.1Breathe, breath
cool, somewhatlabnawlabnawSCE.somewhat cool
coordinate purposespelesvb.auxcoordinate purposesIdi aku ni Diagan Hospital. Peles da ku pi-alladan san Willy.I am here at Diagan’s Hospital. I coordinated (my plan) with Willy’s group guiding them there.
copies s.o.migsiling2siliŋSCE.s.o. copies s.o.; imitate
coppertabagata.ba.gaNTabaga is the metal copper which is used as the alloy of bronze and brass.
copulates, s.o.mag-asawa2ʔa.ˈsa.waVs.o. copulateshum
copykasilinganVpractice; imitatesiling1siliŋVimitate; copySimagender.kasilingander.kyasilingander.migsiling2der.pagsilingander.pigsilingander.silingen
copy someone's actionspigsilinganVimitated someone
cornbatad 2ba.ˈtadNcorn5. from seedsder.batadanmaismaisNcorn1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
corn fieldbatadanbatadann.possdcorn field6. maize
corn grits, groundgiling 2giliŋNground corn gritsder.gilingander.gilinganander.gilingen
corn millgilingangiliŋanNcorn mill
corn silkballutballutinf. var.ballukNsilk of ear of maize 1.5.5Parts of a plant1.5.5.4maize
corn silk of maizeayubaʔa.ˈyu.baNcorn silk of maize1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
corn smutbatikulbatikulNcorn smutThe spores form a black ball in the ear of corn. Ustilaginales1.5.4Moss, fungus, algaeBotbotany
corn, fire-roastednanagnanagNNanag is fire-roasted corn.5.2Food
corn, poundedbagal1bagalNMaize kernals that has been pounded in a mortar and pestle is bagal. in mortar and pestleder.bagalen2der.pigbagal2
corn, pounded youngpiglupak2lupakVIf a woman piglupak some young corn, she is pounding it to make sticky corn.Piglupak ku ya batad.I +pounded the corn.
corn, s.o. shellednyingulu2ʔiŋuluVIf people are nyingulu, they are shelling corn by stripping the seed from the corn cob.
corn, tassel of maizebagaybayba.ˈga͡i.ba͡iNtassel of maize corn1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
corners, square-basket’ssusu 4su.sun.possdsecthe square, cone-shaped corners of a basket containerid.buta na susu'der.magsusu
corpselawas 3ˈla.wasn.possda corpse; deadbody2.6.6.2Corpse
corruption, s.o. is doingnyanikwat2sikwatVIf a government official is said to nyanikwat, they are practicing corruption by stealing, misappropriating, and using government money for their own personal gain.