English - Tagakaulo


covered with s.th. (such as locust)katengepanvb.statcovered with s.th. (such as locust)
covering, atapli-ayNa covering
covering, a man’s cloth waistawakenʔawakɜnNAn awaken is a cloth waist covering formerly worn by men and boys.arch
covetalupˈʔa.lupˈʔa.luɸSCE.covetSimkalimder.mag-alupder.pig-alupanunspec. comp. formwala' alupiibeg 1ʔibɜgSCE.covet3.3.1.8Lustcontr.der.mébeg
cow, bovinebakabakaNbovine; cow1. animalsZoolzoology
cowlickalimpulus 2Ncowlick of a boy’s hair
crab, freshwaterkagangka.gaŋNa freshwater crabSimkulu' animalsZoolzoology
crab, riverkulu'ku.luʔNa river crabSimkagang1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
crackgem1gɜɜmNcrack; flaw
crack openaspa'1ʔaspaʔSCE.crack opender.kaspa'2der.magka͡aspa'der.maspa'2der.nyaspa'
crack or split openletak1lɜtakvb.statcrack or split openUsually caused by becoming dried out.der.nyaletak2
cracked or split opennyaletak2lɜtakvb.statIf something nyaletak, it has cracked open such as the ground, or a dried piece of wood.
cracked, bekaspa'2kaspaʔvb.statbe crackedSaid of fragile things easily cracked.kyageman2kʸa.gɜɜ.manvb.statbe crackedKyageman ya basu kay nyolug adti bantal.The drinking glass became cracked because it accidently fell on the floor.
cracked, will be easilymaspa'2ʔaspaʔvb.statIf something like an egg, glass, of china dish is maspa', it is cracked. Said of fragile things.
crackergalnitaNcracker; cookie
cracks, stress cracks in the earthge͡akgɜakNstress cracks in the earthThese are small stress fissures or cracks in the ground caused by some movement of the earth.
cradle, cloth childbuwa1ˈbu.waNA buwa is a cloth cradle made of a dagmay skirt tied to a springy stick or spring suspended from a high location.der.magbuwa2
cradle, s.o. makes a cloth childmagbuwa2ˈbu.waVs.o. makes a cloth child cradle
crampmasaléléVout-of-joint; cramp
craved for s.th. (food or drink)syablek2sablɜkVcraved for s.th. (food or drink)Syablek aku sa utan.I really crave meat.5.2.2Eat3.3.1.8Lust
crawlgamagamagamagamaSCE.crawl7.2.1.1Walkkamagkamag1kamagkamagSCE.crawl1.6.4Animal actionsder.magkamagkamag2mananapmananapVs.th will creep; crawlpananap 2pananapʔanapSCE.crawlder.mananapder.nyananap
crawl on groundpananap 1pananapʔanapSCE.creep; crawl on groundder.mananapder.nyananap
crawl using one’s elbow (like a soldier)gama-gama'SCE.crawl using one’s elbow (like a soldier)
crawl, habituallymagkamagkamag2kamagkamagVhabitually crawlSuch as in the manner that a lizard moves.1.6.4Animal actions
crawling creaturesmangpananapNcrawling creatures1.6.6Animal group
crawling, s.th isnyananappananapVs.th is creeping; crawling
crayfish, tinyogongʔo.goŋNtiny crayfish1.6.1.9Small animals
creaking soundigetˈʔi.gɜtn.possdcreaking sound of soundsder.nyiget
creation, one'sinimo-an2ʔin.ʔi.moʔanVone’s creationA person's inimo-an are the items or things he or she has made or created9.1.2.5Make1Universe, creation9.1.2.3Create
creepmananapmananapVs.th will creep; crawlpananap 1pananapʔanapSCE.creep; crawl on groundder.mananapder.nyananap
creepingnyananappananapVs.th is creeping; crawling
cricketugpu'ʔug.puʔNa cricketSimapan1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoologyder.mag-ugpu'
cries easilylumi-en2lumiʔVIf a baby or young child will lumi-en, it will have the tendency to cry easily.lumi'1lumiʔSCE.cries easilyder.lumi-en2
cries for help, s.o.mangandayVs.o. cries for help
criminaltalminaltalminalNA talminal is anyone who is a criminal, involved in criminal activities, or who is not covered by the juristiction of civil law.4.7.3Break the law4.7.1Laws4.6.4Rule
crimson-backed.woodpeckerpiyalpiyalNa crimson-backed woodpeckerChrysocolaptes lucidus montanus1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
crimson-throated.barbetpukpukpukpukNa crimson-throated barbetIts song is; puk, puk, pukk. ofbaninala'bulaguku'2limukun1manganaytahawtaligtigtukmuMegalaima haemacephala mindanensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
crippled, bekapigkapigvb.statbe crippled2.5.4.5Birth defect2.5.2Disease
crisp, no longernyapudpudpudpudvb.statIf a cracker or cookie is said to be nyapudpud da, it is no longer crisp but stale and soft.
crisp, notpudpudpudpudSCE.not crisp
crocodilebuwayabu.wa.yaNa crocodile1.
crookedbaluk1ˈba.lukSCE.crooked; twistedder.baluk2der.balukunder.magbalukder.magkabaluk2der.migbalukder.pigbalukmagbalukˈba.lukVs.th. will be crooked; not straightmigbalukˈba.lukVs.th. is crooked; not straight8.3.1.5Bend8.3.1.3Straight
crooked thinking, someone hasnyabalukVsomeone has crooked thinking
crooked, s.th. becomesmagkabaluk2ˈba.lukVs.th. becomes crooked
crooked, s.th. ispigbalukˈba.lukVs.th. is twisted; crooked
crooked, s.th. will bebalukunˈba.lukVs.th. will be twisted; crooked
crop off toptabtabtabtabSCE.crop off topOf grazing animals eating5.2.2Eatder.nyanabtab2der.panabtab1der.panabtabanan
cross armskemeskemes1kɜmɜskɜmɜsSCE.cross arms7.1Postureder.magkemeskemes2der.migkemeskemes