English - Tagakaulo


cross into other worldmabaluyVIf someone is said to have mabaluy, they have gone to another world, another dimension such as ‘above the heavens.’It is what is said happened to Lumabet. He was taken up into heaven, i.e. raptured.4.9.6Heaven, hell4.9.4.5Destiny
cross legskipikipiSCE.cross legsder.magkipikipi
cross overbaluy4SCE.cross overder.baluyun1der.mabaluyder.maluyder.nyabaluy1der.nyabaluy2migtanday2tandayVcross overAs one's legs or arms; tree roots; plants
cross over (usually a river), s.o. was able tonyakatalipagVs.o. was able to cross over (usually a river)
cross over s.th. elsetanday1tandaySCE.cross over s.th. elseder.migtanday2
cross over to the other sidetalipag1talipagSCE.cross over to the other sideder.katalipagander.nyakatalipagder.talipagan
cross over to the other side, s.o. willtumalipagRLtyumalipag2Vs.o. will cross over to the other side
cross over to the other side, willbaluyun1baluyVwill cross over to the other sideMiglong si Lumabet, "Baluyun ta kaw."Lumabet said, "You will go to the other side."
cross their arms to stay warm, s.o. tomigkemeskemesVs.o. to cross their arms to stay warm
cross through s.th.maluyma.luiVIf someone maluy, they will cross over ridge of mountains or hills from one side to the other.
crossed over into another world, s.o.nyabaluy2Vs.o. crossed over into another world
crossed over to other side, s.o.tyumalipag2talipagVIf a person tyumalipag a stream, river, or trail, he has crossed over to the other side by going through it or across it. past, over, through
cross-eyedbilaw 2bilawNIf a person is said to be bilaw, he is cross-eyed. eyesight2.1.1.1EyeMedimedicine
crossing one’s armsmagkemeskemes2kɜmɜskɜmɜsVIf a person will magkemeskemes, she will cross her arms in front of her usually when she is cold and wants to stay warm. 7.1Posture
crosswise-cut section of s.th., a measured,sanggetedNIf a whole fish is sliced crosswise into separate sections, each section is sanggeted of the fish.
crouches down, s.o.maggukugukuVs.o. crouches down7.1Posture
crow (like a cock chicken)taga-uk2ta.ga.ʔukNcrow (like a cock chicken)der.migtaga-uk1der.tumaga-uk
crowd around s.o.limpung1 1limpuŋSCE.crowd around s.o. general: Used in the context of many people crowding around an important person.der.migkalimpung2
crowd around someone, tolimpung1 1.1Vprimto crowd around someone
crowd ininsek1ʔinsɜkSCE.crowd inSimbanyetder.inseken2
crowding ininseken2ʔinsɜkVcrowding in
crowing cockmigtaga-uk1ta.ga.ʔukNcrowing cock chicken1.6.4.3Animal sounds
crumbsgapgapgapgapNfine dust or crumbs
crumbs, fragments ofmumu'mumuʔNMumu' is the leftover fragments of food after a meal.
crumple up in one’s handkuligmet 3kuligmɜtSCE.crumple up in one’s handder.kuligmetanan
crunching sound made by stepping on s.th. hard,miglamigsitVcrunching sound made by stepping on s.th. hardSuch as a cockroach, stink beatle, of sounds
crush by pounding on something soliddekdek1dɜk.dɜkRLdyekdek2dyekdekanSCE.crush by pounding on something solidder.dekdeka2der.dekdekender.kadekdekander.pigdekdek1
crush by pounding, might accidentlykadekdekanRLkyadekdekanVmight accidently crush by poundingKadekdekan na batu ya tullu' ku.The rock might smash my finger.
crush flatpelpeg1pɜlpɜgRLkyapelpegan2SCE.smash flat using a very heavy object
crush in one's handkigmes1kigmɜsSCE.crush in one's handder.pigkigmesan2
crush or crumple s.th. by rubbing hands together, willkusukusuwunVwill crush or crumple s.th. by rubbing hands together
crush s.th. by pounding on something solid (command)dekdeka2dɜkdɜkVcrush s.th. by pounding on something solid (command)Dekdeka ya tablita mata' telenen nan.+Crush the tablet +by +pounding it +on +something +solid so that he can swallow it.
crush s.th. in one’s handpigkigmesan2kigmɜsVcrush s.th. in one’s hand7.7.4Press
crush under a heavy debrispigisSCE.crush under a heavy debrisder.nyapigis
crush updugdug1dugdugSCE.crush upder.migdugdugder.pigdugdug2
crush with lestedesenVIf someone tedesen, they are crushing lice nits with an instrument called a “les”.
crushed s.th., accidentlykyadekdekanVaccidently crushed s.th.Kyadekdekan na batu ya tullu' kuThe rock accidently crushed my finger (while I was pounding s.th.)
crushed together by a crowdmig-eyes2ʔɜyɜsV(crushed together by a crowd)
crushed under a load of heavy debris, s.o. becomesnyapigisVs.o. becomes crushed under a load of heavy debris
crushed up s.th.pigdugdug2dugdugVIf a person pigdugdug some medicine she crushed it up into fine pieces.
crushing s.th. by pounding itdyekdek2dʸɜk.dɜkVcrushing s.th. by pounding itpigdekdek1Vcrushing s.th. by pounding itDyekdek na utaw ya gasi na batu.A person is crushing (by pounding) the gasi leaves with a rock.
crymigsingi-singi'VIf a child migsingi-singiˈ, they are quietly crying by sobbing and sniffling. of soundsder.migsugaw2der.pigsugawan
cry out in anguish, willmag-ulangag2ʔu.la.ŋagVwill cry out in anguishYa utaw na malapit da matay mag-ulangag.The person who is close to dying cries out in anguish.
cry out in painkuliging 2kuligiŋcry out in painmig-ulangag1ʔu.la.ŋagVcry out in pain2.5.6.1Pain
cry out intenselyiyakʔi.yakSCE.cry out intensely
cry out with loud voicemuligsa'1muligsaʔVcry out with loud voice2.3.2.4Loud2.1.1.4Mouthder.pamuligsa'2
cry with each other, two people tomigsasugawayVtwo people to cry with each other
cry, pig’s hungerulangag1ʔu.la.ŋagn.possdpig’s hunger cry1.6.4.3Animal soundsder.mag-ulangag2der.mig-ulangag1
cryingmigsugaw2sugawVIf a person migsugaw, they are crying., tear2.6.6.4Mourn2.3.2.3Types of sounds
cubit, onemasikuadj.sizeone length (from elbow to middle finger); cubit