English - Tagakaulo


cabbagedipolyodipolyoNcabbage1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
cabbage, swamp (also called kangkong)tangkungtaŋkuŋNswamp cabbage (kangkong)Ipomoea aquatica1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
cacao treekakawkakawNcacao treeThe cacao tree is a small height tree which bears seed pods on its trunk. The pods contains seed from which chocolate is produced. Cacao is a cultivated tree not native to the area or the Philippines.Theobroma cacao1.5.1TreeBotbotany
calantas treelanipga'lanipgaʔNCalantas treeLanipga' is a tree whose wood is rich red-orange color, course grained, and very light weight. 1.5.1TreeBotbotany
calculatedmigpamanta'2ˈban.taʔVcalculatedMigpamanta' si Ma' sa makatanem sa pawa' duwang kalata ya umay.Father calculated the amount of seed needed to plant (his) rice field at two cans of rice.
call a dog to eattit tit tittit tit titIf a person wishes to call a dog to eat, she will say, tit tit tit.
call a horse to eattabtaabNIf a person calls a horse to get its attention, he will say: tab tab tab tab.
call a horse to eat, what is said totéb, téb, tébPhr.what is said to call a horse to eat
call down a curse on s.o. or s.th.pigtullun2tullunVcall down a curse on s.o. or s.th.
call of a male deeruwawʔuwawVcall of a male deer1.6.7Male and female animals1. animals1.6.4.3Animal sounds
call PlmangtawagVcall Pl
call s.o. at a distance), (used whenwe 1mkr.toaIf someone was calling out to God, he might say, “We Tyumanem.”
call" for a pig to eat, the "songsoŋNIf a person wants to call his pigs to eat he will say, song-song-song., song, song
called s.o. (name)pigtawag2 2tawagVcalled s.o. (name)
called by another namepagtawagenVcalled by another name
called by another name, begelal1gɜlalSCE.be called by another nameder.gelalan2
called to s.o.pigtawag2 1tawagVcalled to s.o.
calling out to each other, peoplemagtatawagayNpeople calling out to each otherMadég ya magtatawagay.There are many people calling out to each other.In the mountain villages communication is done by calling out from field to field, or mountain top to mountain top. The hills provide an acoustic ampitheater. However, access to cell phones are beginning to have an diminishing effect on this custom.
calloused, bekyebbelan2Vfigbe callousedKyebbelan da ya ise' yan na lalabetay na ama.The child is already unresponsive to the whip of the father.Said of someone who has a hardened character and is unwilling to change. It is used in a negative sense.
calloused, people have becomepigpangkebbelanVpeople have become callousedUsed figuratively to describe people’s habits, minds, thoughts, heart--to become hardened or unfeeling toward something--usually doing evil deeds; or unfeeling toward someone’s needs.
callouses on one’s sole, thickpanggangipaŋgaŋiNThe panggangi is the thick callouses that are on the soles of people's feet that walk bare-footed all the time.