English - Tagakaulo


each and everysambuksambuksambuksambukadj.numreach and every
each onesang-saŋadj.cnt.each one
ear infection, k.o.ukukʔuk.ukNUkuk is a kind of ear infection which produces a smelly, cloudly drainage of pus.
ear.of.maize.corn, small,.underdeveloped.tayungtungtayuŋtuŋNsmall, underdeveloped ear of maize corn1.5.6Growth of plantsBotbotany
early evening; 7 pmngabi lagabi laadv.timeearly evening, after 7 pm
ears, animal’stalinga1 2ta.ˈli.ŋan.possdthe ears of an animal that have them2.1.1.2Ear1.6.2Parts of an animal
ears, one’s.talinga1 1ta.ˈli.ŋan.possda person’s ears2.1.1.2EarAnatanatomy
ears, s.t.used.to.clean.mangatulayNany instrument used to remove the earwax in one’s ears2.1.1.2EarAnatanatomy
earthlupa'2lu.paʔNearth1.3.1.5Island, shore1.2Worldid.dalem na lupa'
earth wormwattiˈwat.tiNan earth worm1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
earth, splitting opennyabetak ya lupa'nyabɜtak ya lupaʔv.phrthe ground split open1.2.1.7Earthquake
earth, under the surface of thedalem na lupa'dalɜm na lupaʔadj.Phr.under the surface of the earth1.2.1.5Underground
earthquakelinuglinugNA linug is an earthquake.
earthworm, kind of large redalalagu'ʔalalaguʔNA alalagu' is a kind of large red earthworm.This worm makes a low to medium buzzing sound from its hole usually when it is about to rain.
earwaxatulayʔatulaiNThe yellow greasy material called earwax that accumulates in one's earsCerumen2.1.1.2EarAnatanatomyder.mangatulay
easily angeredsumpuk1sumpukSCE.short-tempered; easily angeredder.sumpukun2sumpukun2sumpukVshort-tempered; easily angered
easily believe anythingmagka‑agad‑agadVbe led on; be gulible
eastsilatansilatanadv.dir.If some place is said to be in the silatan, it is located to the east from where one is standing., south, east, west
easyulas2ʔulasvb.statIf something is molas it is easy to do.4.4.2Troubleder.molas1
easy, seemmolas1ʔulasvb.stateasy
eatkan1 1kaanRLkyan3SCE.eatder.kakander.kakanenender.kanender.kumander.magkan3der.makander.pagkanenkan2 2kaander. ofkan2 2eatVeatunspec. comp. formkana2der.kānander.pakander.kumakanay
eat (medical reasons), notpasmu 2pasmuSCE.not eat (medical reasons)
Eat [command]kana2kanaVEat [command]
eat by pecking away at s.thmanubugtubugVIf a bird manubug, it is eating something by pecking away at it.5.2.2Eat