English - Tagakaulo


faceasdang1ˈʔas.daŋSCE.face; be in front of s.o.der.asdangan1der.asdangan2der.mag-asdang2
face off againstpigdipagan2dipagVIf two groups of enemies or teams pigdipagan, they are facing off against each other either to fight or play in a contest.
face one anotheratubangSCE.face one anotherder.atubangander.nyatubang
face someone (command)asdangan2ˈʔas.daŋVIf a person will sit or stand facing you they asdangan you. Asdangan ta kaw.Face me! or You will face me.
face, one’sgiyagiyadial. var.dyagya2n.possda person’s face2.1.1HeadAnatanatomy
faces off, s.o.migdipag2dipagVs.o. faces off
faces someone or group, s.o.nyatubangVsomeone faces another or group
facial expression when one is about to cry, making a certainmag-ibi'2ˈʔi.biʔVWhat a child does when they are denied something they want, they protrude their lower lip and whimper.
facial expression when one is about to cry, one’sibi'1ˈʔi.biʔSCE.one’s facial expression when one is about to cryder.mag-ibi'2
fadelubad1lubadSCE.fadeunspec. comp. formlyumubad2der.maglubad
fade, bleed outlyumubad2ˈlu.badVIf some clothing or cloth is lyumubad, the color has bleed out from washing or faded from being in the sun.Lyumubad da ya sa-ul mu.Your shirt is faded in color.
fail to keep (a promise), willkabullugan 1Vwill fail to keep (a promise)
fail to keep a promise, willbulluganVwill fail to keep a promise
fail to meet, two people unintentionallyma-ibali-us2ba.ˈli.ʔusVIf a person says we ma-ibali-us they accidently failed to meet up with you even though you two had planned to do so.
failed, s.o.migbullug2bullugVs.o. failedMigbullug kaw kanak.You failed me.
faintlukmuSCE.collapse on one’s feet; faintder.nyalukmu
faintedpig-alipetengan2ʔalipɜtɜŋVIf a person has pig-alipetengan, they have gone into shock.
faithpagpangintu-upagpaŋintu.ʔun.possdfaith; belief in
fall from abovemolugmolugvb.statIf something or someone molug, they might fall off of or from something higher than the ground. Simkataktakan
fall from higher elevation, toulug1ʔulugSCE.fall from higher elevationder.molugder.nyolug
fall off the side ofnyapulipuliVs.o. accidently fell off the side of s.th.
fall off the side of s.th. , s.o. topulipulipulipuliSCE. s.o. to fall off the side of s.th.
fall on nosedismugdis.mugSCE.fall on noseSaid of a horse or large animal7.
fall overlukadlukadRLsyampangalukad2SCE.fall overder.sampangalukad1tuwad1tuwadSCE.fall overSimnyangkalukadder.matuwadder.nyatuwad2der.tumuwadunspec. comp. formtuwadtuwad
fall over as a groupnyangkalukadVfall over as a groupSimtuwad1
fall over, s.th. willmatuwadVs.th. will fall over
fall to grounddakdak1dakdakSCE.fall to groundSimkataktakander.makadakdakder.nyadakdakder.nyakadakdak2taktak1taktakSCE.fall to ground (from a higher elevation)der.kataktakander.migtaktakder.nyakataktak2der.nyataktak
fall to the groundnyakadakdak2dakdakVIf something nyakadakdak it fell to the ground such as leaves of a tree.Nyakadakdak ya ise' na manuk.The egg fell to the ground.
falling starananulsulʔananulsulNfalling star; meteor1.1Sky1.1.1.2Star
false rumours attributed to s.o., havepakatunganga' 2Vhave false rumours attributed to s.o.
falsely accusebintangSCE.suspect without evidence; accuse falselyder.migbabintangayder.pagbintang
faltermaganagana 1Vfalter
famedengeg1dɜŋɜgRLdyengeg2NA person's fame; glory or reputation is his dengeg.der.dengganender.kadengegder.magmadengeg3der.magpadengegdengeg2
familiar with each other, did becomewala' pagkakilala͡ayPhr.did become familiar with each other
faminegetem2gɜtɜmNfamineA time of famine, that is the result of either lack of rain, war, or invasion of pests such as rats or locust.
famous, makemagmadengeg3dɜŋɜgvb.statIf a person does something so that he is magmadengeg, he is doing something that will make him famous.
fan vigorously ??kabkabSCE.fan vigorously ??
fan with s.th.kuyabanVfan with s.th. Kuyaban ku na biga'.I will fan it with a winnowing tray.
fangs, snake'stangu 1ta.ŋun.possda snake's fangs1.6.2.2Parts of a reptileZoolzoology
fans something, s.o.migkuyabVs.o. fans somethingUsually to fan flames of a fire.
far apartlakwatlakwatSCE.far apartder.magkalakwat2der.malakwat1der.malakwat2
far apart, s.th. ismalakwat2lakwatvb.statIf two things or two people are malakwat, they are far apart from the other one.Oppmalikit2
far, bekawat2kaa.watvb.statbe farder.pagpakawat
far, s.o. perceives s.th. ismawatmaa.watvb.stats.o. perceives s.th. is far
farm cleared and burn but not plantedlabun2la.ˈbunNA labun is any Tagakaulo field that has been cleared and burned but not planted.6.3Animal husbandry6.2.9Farmland1.2.1Land