English - Tagakaulo


gable of a roof, make thepagsampadan2sampadVmake the gable of a roof
gable pole, uprighttumbuk1 1tum.bukNA tumbuk is the vertical gable pole of a house roof. It runs up to the ridge pole.6.5Working with buildings
gall bladder fluidpig-awasan na apduPhr.expelled or spit up bile
gallbladder, animalapdu 2ˈʔap.dun.possdthe gallbladder of an animalThe gall bladder of a python is dried and used as a treatment for stomach pain and many other uses. The gall bladder of a monkey is also used as medicine.1.6.2Parts of an animal
gallbladder, one’sapdu 1ˈʔap.dun.possda person’s gallbladder. 2.1.8Internal organsAnatanatomy
game children play, aambungunNa game children playA game where someone sneeks up behind another and tries to buckle the knees of the other and cause them to fall down.
game played by children, aibabaʔi.ˈba.baNa game played by childrenThis game is played by several children who walk in single file with their hands on the other’s back.
gardentanemanan 1tanɜmananNA tanemanan is a garden.6.2Agriculture6.3Animal husbandry6.2.9Farmland
garlicahusʔahusNgarlicAllium satuvum1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
garlic, wildbawangbawaŋNwild garlic plantWild herbAllium sativum1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
garment that is like a cloakkayab2kayabNgarment that is like a cloakder.kayaben3
gasp for airellep1ʔɜl.lɜpSCE.gasp for airder.mig-ellepenender.nyellep3
gasped for air (as when one is crying)nyellep3ʔɜllɜpVgasped for air (as when one is crying)Nyellep si Romeo kay piglabet ni Ma'.Romeo +gasped +for +air because father was spanking him.
gasping for air, betagbi' dakman ya ginawan.phr.be gasping for air
gassy gastric disturbancemagsagluksagluksagluksaglukVgassy gastric disturbanceMagsagluksagluk ya buntit nan.His stomach is disturbed.2.5.1SicksagluksagluksagluksaglukSCE.gassy gastric disturbanceMagsagluksagluk ya buntit nan.der.magsagluksagluk
gatherimunʔimunSCE.gatherPig-imun nan ya sampisan ya kawuy na sasugung.He gathered together one bundle (be carried on shoulder) of firewood.der.nyanimun2der.pig-imun
gather around s.o. , for many people todugukdu.gukVfor many people to gather around s.o. der.dyumuguk
gather by the corners something flatangun1ʔaŋunSCE.gather by the corners something flatder.pig-angun2pig-angun2ʔaŋunVIf someone pig-angun a fishnet, blanket , or sheet, they are gathering something by the corners in order to carry the contents away.
gather thingspanigpes2panigpɜsgather things; clear away7.5Arrange7.5.1Gather
gather up leftoverspanimun1panimungather up leftovers
gather up s.th. and put insidepenpenpɜn.pɜnSCE.gather up s.th. and put insidepunpunpunpuninf. var.penpenSCE.gather up s.th. and put inside dried coffee;corn; rice; abaka
gathered and stacked s.th.nyadapugda.ˈpugVIf a person nyadapug, she is gathering together inanimate objects and stacking them such as food, clothing, or wood for a fire. 7.5.1Gather
gathered together for s.th. important, becamemigkatipun2tipunvb.statbecame gathered together for s.th. important9.1.1.2Become, change state7.5.1Gather
gathered together, peoplemigluduk2ludukVIf a group of people migluduk, they are gathering together.With no real purpose.
gathered uppig-imunVgathered upSimpigsagipun
gathered up excess bits of foodpigsagipunVgathered up excess bits of foodSimpig-imun
gathered up leftovers, s.o.nyanimun2nyanimunVs.o. gathered up leftovers
gathered up one’s thingsnyanigpes2tigpɜsVgathered up one’s things
gathered up together, caused to bepa-itipunun2tipunVcaused to be gathered up togetherPa-itipunun ya kadég.All will be gathered together.
gathering of people to eat drink and trade, atabu-tabu'tabu.ʔtabuʔNa gathering of people to eat drink and trade4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2.3Celebrate7.5.1Gather4.2.2Social event4.2.2.2Festival, show
gathering place for many people in one place (for a purpose)pagkatipunanVgathering place for many people in one place (for a purpose)
gathering place of the souls after death, thekaludukankaludukanNThe kaludukan is the gathering place of the souls after death for the Tagakaulo Kalagan people.
gathering together for s.th. important, akatipun2tipunNA katipun is the gathering of people in one place for some purpose.der.migkatipun2
gathering, akatipunkatipunNgatheringFor a purpose
gathering, specialkantag1 1kantagRLkyumantag2SCE.special gatheringder.magkantag2
gathers many things together, s.o.panigpes1panigpɜsVs.o. gathers many things together
gauntgangeb1gaŋɜbSCE.gaunt, thin-facedder.nyanggangeb2
gaunt, thin-faced, s.o. becamenyanggangeb2gaŋɜbVs.o. became gaunt, thin-faced
gave a donation, s.o.mig-amut2ˈʔa.mutvb.di-transs.o. gave a donation
gave instructions, s.o.nyamene'Vs.o. gave instructions
gave s.th., s.o.pig-ataganVs.o. gave s.th.
gave waynyagelesVcollapsed; gave waySaid of a weakened structure.
gave, s.o.mig-atag3ˈʔa.tagVs.o. gaveAgent:
gaze (in amazement), s.o.nyatengteng2tɜŋtɜŋVIf a person nyatengteng, he gazed or stared at something for a long time perhaps out of amazement at some spectacular event.
gaze at, willinunuwunVwill look at; will gaze at2.3.1.1LookminunuVsomeone will gaze at
gaze upon s.th.pyangkatakapVgaze upon s.th.