English - Tagakaulo


haul with hands s.th. heavy s.wh.. willakutunVwill haul s.th. heavy s.wh. something from somewhere
haul, s.o. willmakutmaa.kutVs.o. will haul
hauled s.th. to, s.o.nyakut2nyaa.kutVWhen someone will nyakut a large or heavy item they hauled it from one place to another. Nyakut si To' sa kawuy.Young man hauled the wood.
haveawūn 2ʔa͡uninf. var.anext.has; have; had9.1.1.1Exist9.1.1.3Have, ofcontr.ayder.nyawunder.pigkawunder.pyampaka͡awun2katagtunVpossess; own (neutral)Used with “wala'”
have a hang upnyasalang2salaŋvb.statsechave a hang up; be detained
have in abundance, verypigpasungku'Vvery full; have in abundance
have knowledge about, bekatadeng2tadɜŋvb.statbe skilled; have knowledge about
havenebengananNhaven; hiding place
hawkmamulawanNa hawk1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithologymamulindi'mamulindiʔNa crested lizard hawk; Philippine falconetBoth of these were identified as a crested lizard hawk and a philippine falconet. mandadagit is any kind of hawk, which hunts its prey by diving down to the ground and snatching them up in its talons.
hawk, brown.bagyasanbag.ya.sanNa brown hawk1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
henan3nanProhe/she9.2.3Pronounssakanan1 1sakananProhe; she; it9.2.3Pronouns
head coveringtatulungta.ˈtu.luŋsomething to put on one’s head to protect it from heat or raintulung2der. oftulung2head coveringNhead coveringder.magtulung
head hair, one’slugayˈlu.gaicfbulbullugayn.concretea person’s hair2.1.5HairAnatanatomy
head of a blunt-ended knife, thesungadsuŋadNThe sungad is the head of a blunt-ended knife.6.7.7Container
head of a group, s.o. happened to be atnyaka-unaVs.o. happened to be at head of a group
head of a match, thepulitupulituNprimthe head of a matchSimtigtig
head, animal’sulu1 2ˈʔu.lun.possdthe head of most animals1.6.2.4Parts of an insect1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalder.ka͡uluder.nyatinguluder.pigtinguluder.ulunan
head, one’sulu1 1ˈʔu.lun.possda person’s.head2.1.1HeadAnatanatomyder.ka͡uluder.nyatinguluder.pigtinguluder.ulunan
head, top of one’simpuluwanʔim.pu.ˈlu͡anNtop of one’s head2.1.1Head
headache, type ofpaslenpaslɜnSCE.If a person complains of have paslen, it is because he overate and that triggered a headache. JM
headwaterska͡uluka͡u.lusp. var.koluNheadwaters1.3.1.3River1.3.1.4Spring, wellGeoggeographykolukoluNheadwaters
healkaguli'vb.stathealWala' kaguli' ya manga pali' nan, aw nyatay da baling.His wounds did not heal and he regretfully died instead. from sickness2.5.3Injure
healedkyaguli-anvb.stathealed2.5.1.1Recover from sickness
heardengeg2SCE.hear2.3.2Hearder.denggander.denggender.kyadenggander.madengegder.makadengegder.nyakadengegder.pagdengegder.pigdengegneg.ex.phrwala' dengga
hear againtukal 1.1Vplay back; hear again
hear itdengganvb.percepthear it2.3.2Hear
hear something, someone was able tonyakadengegVsomeone was able to hear somethingUsually used in the context of hearing a message, speech, or instruction and not the ability to hear.
hear the sound of heavy rain, willdumusu'RLdyumusu'Vwill hear the sound of heavy rain
hear, clearlynyabangal 2ˈba.ŋalvb.statclearly hear2.3.2Hear
hear, could notwala' denggav.phrcould not hear2.3.2Hear
hear, will be able tomakadengegvb.perceptwill be able to hear2.3.2Hear
heard , s.th. will bedenggenvb.percepts.th. will be heard
heard s tdyengeg2 1dʸɜ.ŋɜgvb.percepts.o. heard Simpigpakanyeg2.1.1.2Ear2.3.2Hear
heard, be clearlymabangal 3vb.statbe clearly heard2.3.2Hearid.dili' mabangal
heard, become clearlymagkabangal3 2ˈba.ŋalvb.statbecome clearly heard9.1.1.2Become, change state2.3.2Hear
heard, s.o.dyumengegvb.percepts.o. heard2.3.2Hear
heard, when someonepagdengegVwhen someone heard
hearing cases, designated place forusayananʔusayananNdesignated place for hearing cases
heart, one’spusu'pu.suʔn.possdA personˈs heart the organ that pumps blood throughout the body2.1.8.1Heart
heartbrokenmigkalat ya ginawamigkalat ya ginawav.phrsad; heartbroken
hearted, lightmagān ya ginawa 1magan ya ginawav.phrlight hearted
heat foodinit2SCE.heat foodder.initan2
heat up s.th. -cmdinitan2Vheat up s.th. -cmdInitan kaw sa kapé.[You} Heat up some coffee.Such as food or drink.
heavens were the sun, stars and moon are locatedbalintenga-anba.lin.tɜ.ˈŋa.ʔanNheavens were the sun, stars and moon are located1.1.1.1Moon1.1.1.3Planet1.1.1.2Star1.1.1Sun
heavybegatbɜ.ˈgatSCE.heavyder.kabegat2id.mabegat ya ginawader.mabegat1der.mabegat2
heavy heartedmabegat ya ginawa 1mabɜgat ya ginawav.phrheavy hearted
heavy in weightmabegat1bɜ.ˈgatvb.statIf a person says that an object is mabegat, he means it is heavy weighted.Oppmagān38.2.9.1Heavy
heel ligament, animal’skawit2kawitn.possdanimal’s heel ligament1.6.2Parts of an animal
heel, one’skewit 2n.possdone’s heelsakilsa.kiln.possdthe heel of one’s foot2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy