English - Tagakaulo


hiding placeebengananNhaven; hiding place
high (in elevation), bekatas2taasvb.statbe high (in elevation)Sangunu ya katas sa kawuy iyan?How high is that tree over there?
high (in height), s.th. is perceived as beingmatas2vb.stats.th. is perceived as being high (in height)Matas kaw na eseg.You are a tall man.Ikaw ya matas kanami.You are higher than me (in height).say.matas to-o
high (in height), verymatas to-o 2adj.Phr.very high (in height)
high in status, s.o. ismatas3vb.stats.o. is high in statussay.to-o matas
high pitched, s.th. is perceived asmayagting2yagtiŋvb.stats.th. is perceived as high pitchedSaid of a person's voice
high point (for good visibility)lantaw1lantawvb.stathigh point (for good visibility)der.malantaw2
high statuslangkawlaŋkawSCE.high statusder.malangkaw2der.mangkalangkaw
high status onemalangkaw1Vhigh status one
high status, s.o. hasmalangkaw2laŋkawvb.statIf a person is said to be malangkaw, he has a high position, rank, or status.
high waves, verymatas to-o ya baledmatas ta.ʔo ya balɜdn.phr.very high waves1.3.2.4Wave
higher than anything surrounding, bekyalekbe-anVbe higher than anything surrounding
highest (in status)to-o matasadj.Phr.highest (in status)
high-pitched soundmayagtingmayagtiŋvb.stathigh-pitched sound2.3.2.3Types of sounds
hill or mountain, smalltalimulukantalimulukanNprimsmall hill or mountain
hill, smallkatalalimulukankatalalimulukanvb.statsmall hill1.2.1.1MountainGeoggeography
hill, small.limunsulimunsuNsmall hill1.2.1.1MountainGeoggeography
hinder by blocking s.o.’s way or planbalabāganba.la.ˈbagVIf a person will balabagan you he will prevent you or hinder you from achieving your goal by placing obstacles in your way.
hinder plans, s.th. is able tonyakabalabagVs.th. is able to block; hinder plans
hindered by blocking s.o.’s way or planpigbalabāgba.la.ˈbagVhindered by blocking s.o.’s way or plan
hindered from doing s.th., s.o. ispig-ampanganVs.o. is hindered from doing s.th.
hip bone, one’stakiptakipn.possda person's hip bone2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
hip, one’spangkulpaŋ.kuln.possda person’s hip2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy
hired to demand payment, peoplemangungubla͡ayNpeople hired to demand paymentUsed for tax collection; collection of debts.
hiskanan3kananPro3s.GEN [his /hers/ its]9.2.3Pronounsnan1nanProhis/her9.2.3Pronouns9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronounssa kanan2sakananPro1s.GEN.pre
hissing sound of escaping airkyumuyusVhissing sound of escaping airSuch as heard when a tire springs and air leak, or a blown-up balloon looses air. of sounds
historytultulanentultulanɜnNA tultulanen is history, that is, the tracing back of events or one's ancestry. 8.4.1Period of time
hitkelegkɜlɜgSCE.strike; hitder.kyelegan
hit by rushing water, to bepigpabuntulanVto be hit by rushing water
hit lightly one’s own headnyanukpukVhit lightly one’s own head7.1Posture
hit s.o. over the head, instrument used tobabunalNinstrument used to hit s.o. over the head
hit s.o. with an object with one hitpigbanggul3ˈbaŋ.gulVhit s.o. with an object with one hitPigbanggul ni ina ya ulu ku kakayna.Mother struck my head with something earlier today.general: Strike with one hit such as with a knife blade, stick, etc.
hit s.o. with flat-side of knifepilpilanpilpilSCE.hit s. o. with flat-side of knife
hit with palm of one’s fistbugbugSCE.hit with palm of one’s fistSyngantung17.7.1Hitder.magbugder.pigbug
hit with uppercut punchsange'1saŋɜʔhit with uppercut punch
hitching place for animals (such as horses), aeketananNa hitching place for animals (such as horses)
hivesbile-bile'bilɜ.ʔbilɜʔNhives2.5.2.2Skin diseaseMedimedicine
hives, itchybakla'2 1ˈbak.laʔSCE.itchy hivesbakla'2 2ˈbak.laʔNIf a person says he has bakla' he has an outbreak of itchy hives. disease
hoarsepagaw2pa.ˈgawRLkyapagawan3SCE.hoarse2.1.2Torso2.5.6Symptom of disease2.1.1.4Mouth
hoarse, bekyapagawan3kya.pa.ga.ˈwanvb.statbe hoarse2.5.2Disease
hold a gun in front of one’s selftakmaganVhold a gun in front of one’s self; hold up someone
hold backdemet1ˈdɜ.mɜtSCE.hold backUsually because of sentimental attachment to something.der.demetan2der.demetdemetan2der.mademet2tagen1tagɜnRLkyatagenankyatageniSCE.restrain; hold backder.magkatagen2der.makatagender.tagenan2der.tageni
hold back s.th. for self, willdemetan2dɜmɜtVwill hold back s.th. for self
hold close the nose and mouth of anotherseme-an2sɜmɜʔVhold close the nose and mouth of another; smother2.6.6.1Kill
hold in reserve, s.o. willmag-alaw2mag.ˈʔa.lauVs.o. will hold in reserveSaid of food and things: to save back; make extra of something; to get something extra for someone if a person is going to a place to fetch something anyway.
hold on totakmag1 1takmagRLtyakmag2SCE.hold on toder.takmagan
hold s opig-awidan3ˈʔa.widVIf a person pig-awidan another person, they touched them or held their hand. of touch7.3.4.1Touch
hold s.th. for s.o.alawi2ˈʔa.lauVhold s.th. for s.o.
hold up someonetakmaganVhold a gun in front of one’s self; hold up someone