English - Tagakaulo


hole accidently covered without a seed, abuwang na magtudakbuwaŋ na magtudakNa hole accidently covered without a seed
hole for water collection at a spring, hand-dugtegbengantɜgbɜŋanNhand-dug hole for water collection at a springUsually dug along creeks or in a river bank., well
hole made in the ground, a deepkutkutan2kutkutVa deep hole made in the ground
hole under the water or in treege͡anggɜaŋNhole under the water or in tree
hole, smallbuwawbuwawNA buwaw is a small hole usually bored into wood.id.buwaw na tayder.buwawander.buwawun3
hole.in.any.surfacegawanggawaŋNhole in any surface1.2.1.5Undergroundcomp.gawanggawangder.piggawangan
home lotlutilutiNhome lot
homosexual male, transvestitebeyes1bɜyɜsNa transvestite; homosexual male2.6.2.3Sexual immorality
honeydega' 1dɜgaʔNDega' is honey the sticky yellowish substance made by bees.
honeybee, largelinadayNlarge honeybee1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
honeybee, smallligwanlig.wanNa kind of small honey producing beeThe ligwan makes their honeycombs in holes in trees or holes in rocks. It is black and red in color.Simpatyukan1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
honeycomb which is full of honey, part ofdega' 2dɜgaʔNThe dega' is the part of the wax honeycomb which is full of honey.
honeycomb, abandonedlāganglaa.gaŋNA lagang is a honeycomb that has been abandoned.Simdalitkalabasan1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.7Insect
honeycomb, newkalabasankalabasanNhoneycomb that is newly madeSimdalitlāgang1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.7Insect
honorbasa2 2ba.ˈsaʔSCE.honorder.basa͡ander.basabasa͡ander.magbabasa͡ayder.pagbasa͡anneg.ex.phrwala' basabasayi
honor to someone, givepagpamasaVshow respect toward someone
honor, respect each othermagbabasa͡ayVhonor, respect each other
honor, respect, give s.o.basa͡anba.sa͡anVgive s.o. honor, respect4.1Relationships
hoofkakulun 4kakulunn.possda hoof a horse, water buffalo, pig, goat1.6.2Parts of an animal
hook used for snagging, akakawilNa hook used for snagging
hootiyak-iyak1ʔiyak.ʔiyakSCE.hoot2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.mig-iyak-iyak2mig-iyak-iyak2ʔiyak.ʔiyakVhootKatigkas na paggalas nilan mig-iyak-iyak silan.After finishing the clearing of the land (of weeds) they hooted loudly.There is no words communicated and it is a happy hoot. It is a means to communicate one’s approach to a village settlement also. of sounds
hop alongtingkaké'tiŋkakɜʔSCE.hop along7.2.1.1Walkder.magtingkaké'
hopeiman1ʔimanSCE.hope3.2.7.1Hopeder.pag-imander.pig-imanid.wala' ya imanenpag-imanVhope; expectation
hope in s.th.pig-imanVhope in s.th.
hope, nowala' ya imanenn.phr.no hope
hops along (because of injured leg), s.o.magtingkaké'Vs.o. hops along (because of injured leg)
horizontal barrier, abalabāg1 2ba.la.ˈbagNA balabag is any kind of horizontal barrier that lays perpendicular to a path or direction one wants to go in.der.balabāgander.pigbalabāg
horizontal wall stud, abalabag1ba.ˈla.bagNA balabag of a house or building is the horizontal wall studs.6.5.2Parts of a building
hornbillkālawkālawNA k¥law is a hornbill bird.
hornbill.femaletawida'tawidaʔNa hornbill femaleSimkalaw22.6.5Male, female1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
hornbill.malekalaw2kalawNa hornbill maleSimtawida'
hornbill.youngpisa kalawpisa kalawNa young hornbill1.6.1.2Bird1.6.3Animal life cycleOrnornithology
horns or antlerssuwag1suwagNhorns or antlersthe horns of a goat, water buffalo, or male bovine; antlers of a male deer.1.6.2Parts of an animalZoolzoologyder.nyanuwag2
horse (generic)kuda'1ku.daʔNhorse (generic)Devnatikuda' animalsZoolzoologyid.kuda' na sampulu'id.kuda' na waluder.manguda'2id.patanam na kuda'
horse excrementtay na kuda'n.phr.a horse’s excrement2.2.8Defecate, feces
horse is whinnying (wanting to fight)mati-usalVhorse is whinnying (wanting to fight)Mati-usal ya kuda'.The horse is fond of whinnying.
horse wanting to fightmatitiyawVhorse wanting to fight
horse, fightingkuda' na sampulu'kudaʔ na sampuluʔadj.Phr.fighting horseUsed during bride price negotiations as often one of the asked for items from the family of the bride from the future son-in-law.
horse, foal or a colt of anatinatiNa foal or a colt of a horseDevnatikuda' life cycle1. animalsZoolzoology
horse’s manebalukag1ba.ˈlu.kagn.possdThe mane of a horse, the hair on the back of its neck1.6.2Parts of an animal
horse’s whinnyusaln.possda whinny sound made by a horse1.6.4.3Animal soundsder.mati-usal
horsefightpatanam na kuda'patanam na kudaʔn.phr.A patanam na kuda' is a horsefight.One of the Tagakaulo’s favorite kinds of sport and entertainment is horsefighting., show
hotpasu'1 1paasuʔRLkyapasu-anSCE.hot8.3.4Hotder.kapasu'2der.mapasu'2der.migkapasu'
hot, becamemigkapasu'vb.statbecame hot9.1.1.2Become, change state8.3.4Hot
hot, kept coalsmig-alimendan2ʔa.li.ˈmɜn.danVWhen a person mig-alimendan some burning coals they have kept them hot.Pag-alimendan kaw kanate' kay wala' ya puspudu ta.Keep those coals hot because we-inc have no matches.
hot, s.th. ismapasu'2paasuʔvb.statIf something is said to be mapasu', it is hot.8.3.4Hot
house fly (insect)langawla.ŋaoNany kind of house fly.
house, area for pounding riceedel2ʔɜ.ˈdɜlNarea of house for pounding rice