English - Tagakaulo


hunt using dogsanep1ʔˈa.nɜpVhunt using dogsder.magpang-anep2der.mananepder.nyananep2der.pananep1pananep1pananɜpVhunt using dogsUsually wild pigs.
hunt using dogs, willmananepVwill hunt using dogs
hunt using more than one dogmagpang-anep2ʔˈa.nɜpVIf some men magpang-anep they will go out to hunt wild pig using several training hunting dogs.
hunt wild gamemagdet2dɜɜtVIf a person magdet it is his custom to hunt for wild game such as wild pig, deer, monkey, etc.
hunt with light (at night)sulu'1suluʔSCE.hunt with light (at night)
huntermagdadetaymagdadɜtayNA magdadetay is a hunter of wild game.der.magdet2
hunters using dogsnyananep2nyananɜpNhunters using dogs
hunting dog, atumawanNa hunting dog
hurdle over an obstaclesalampaw1 1salampawRLsyalampawanSCE.hurdle over an obstacleWhen said of a person
hurry to go or do s.th., s.o. is in amigkagallatVs.o. is in a hurry to go or do s.th.
hurry uppanamalpanamalVIf a mother tells her child while walking on the trail to panamal, she is telling her to hurry up and stop lagging behind..Panamal da kaw!(You) hurry up and get going!
hurry, makepagudpagud 1.1Vmake haste; hurry
hurry, s.o. became in amagkagallat2gallatVs.o. became in a hurryWala' da si Sammy pakakulang dun ni San Roque kay migkagallat nyuli'.Sammy did not lie down (sleep) there in San Roque because he was in a hurry to get home.
husbandeseg 1ˈɜ.sɜgRLkyumesegn.possdA woman's husband. by marriageder.kesegder.kesegkesegder.pangesegender.pangesegenen
hypocritetallalingu1tallaliŋuSCE.hypocrite; two facedSimsallong 1der.magtallalingu2der.pagtallalingu
hypocriticalmagtallalingu2tallaliŋuVs.o. habitually acts hypocritical; two-faced4.3Behavior4.3.5.6HypocritemigtalalingucfmigtalalingupiglapidVhypocriticalpagtallalinguVhypocriticalWala' ya pagtallalingu.Is not hypocritical.Used with the negative existential “wala'”