English - Tagakaulo


habitual liar, someone who is agalu-un 2ga.lu.ˈʔunNsomeone who is a habitual liar
habitually rulesmagdala1dalaVs.o. habitually rules; governs
habitually-derides, s.o.mag-odoyVs.o. habitually-derides
habitually-smoothes off rough edges, s.o.magbasbas2mag.bas.basVIf a person magbasbas a piece of wood or stone, he is smoothing off the rough edges by shaving or chiseling.Simkulutan
habitually-think aboutmag-anenganengvb.cognhabitually-think about3.2Think
habitually-worship s.th.magsimbaVhabitually-worship s.th.
hab-prunes back branches, s.o.magpanadekVs.o. hab-prunes back branches
hack off a large portiontipak1 1tipakSCE.hack off a large portionder.pigtipakder.tipaken2
hack off a large portion of s.th. , willtipaken2tipakVIf someone will tipaken an rough board, they will hack off everything outside a line usually with an axe or bolo.
hacking off a large portionpigtipakVhacking off a large portion
hadawūn 2ʔa͡uninf. var.anext.has; have; had9.1.1.1Exist9.1.1.3Have, ofcontr.ayder.nyawunder.pigkawunder.pyampaka͡awun2
hailbatu na ayisbatu na ayisn.phr.hail1.1.3.4Snow, ice
hair cowlick, one’skulipes 1kulipɜsn.possda swirling hairgrowth on some people’s headcalled a cowlick2.1.5HairAnatanatomy
hair curls, one’skeletn.possdthe curls in some people’s hair2.1.5Hair2.1.1Head
hair hang loose, letsugayengsugayɜŋSCE.let hair hang loose
hair into bun or knot, formungusʔuŋusSCE.form hair into bun or knot2.3.1.8Appearance
hair rollerspalungananNhair rollers
hair, s.th. is covered withbulbulanVs.th. is covered with hair
hair, stand upmatedegvb.statIf one’s hair matedeg, it refuses lay down and stands up instead2.1.5Hair2.1.1Head
hair, whiteuban1ʔu.banNIf a person is older and their hair is uban, it is white in color2.1.5Hair8.
half asleepdalepdepdalɜpdɜpVhalf asleepPagdalepdep ku kumanggabi dyumateng kamu.When I was half asleep you arrived.
half the volume of s.th., havekyasakalanvb.stathave half the volume of s.th.
halo around the moon or sunpayung 1payuŋNA payung is a halo around the sun or moon caused by suspended ice crystals.
halyardbantingbantiŋNhalyard; stays