English - Tagakaulo


incarcerated, s.o. will bemagkalabusuVs.o. will be incarcerated
incest relationshipsambuwaga1sambuwagaSCE.incest relationshipder.migsambuwaga2
incest, commitsambuwaganVcommit incest
inch short of one’s life, andakman tag sambuk ya ginawa nanPhr.an inch short of one’s life
includeakup1ʔakupSCE.includesynnyakalakup2Simlakup1der.akupi2der.maka-akupakupi2ʔakupVcover over for s.o.; includelakup1lakupSCE.include as part of some event It is used in the context of an event such as a wedding.Simakup1der.nyakalakup2
included in the group with others, someone isnyaka‑akupVsomeone is included in the group of othersSimnyakalakup2
included inside something else, something isnyakasakupVsomething is included inside something else
included into, was able /privileged to benyaka-akupʔakupVIf a person is nyaka-akup into something, they are privileged to be included.Used for something positive, good.Simnyakalakup2
included, s.o. happened to benyakalakup2ˈla.kupVIf a person is nyakalakup in something, they happened to be included as innocent victims of some event often a bad event. Collocations: Usually used of people who are innocent victims because they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It can also be used of someone of higher status to whom the responsibility falls on to supply help or needs to others, such as the cost of a wedding or funeral. synakup1Simnyaka-akupnyaka‑akup
including all of a certain grouptaman1 2tamanRLtyamanan2vb.statincluding all of a certain groupder.katamanan2der.pigtamanan
increase in number, size, volume, something tomagkadakula'Vsomething to increase in number, size, volume
increase itpatastasen2tastasVincrease itDili' mu patastasen.Don'’t increase it.When used with a negative “dili'"
increase s.th.pakadakula-aVincrease s.th.
increased in sizemigkadakula'2dakulaʔVincreased in sizeUsed to refer to debt, investments
indeedsabasabaadv.mod.If a person makes a statement and includes the word saba, he is saying that in his mind it is indeed true.
indentation, have a softnyalinsedvb.stathave a soft indentationAsuntu na kya-ulugan na bukadu ya ulu nan, aw nyalinsed ya ulu nan.Because be hit in the head by a falling avocado (green avocado), and so his head has a soft indentation on it.
index finger, one’sdatu'da.tuʔNthe index finger of one's hand., toeAnatanatomytulli-aytulli.ʔayn.possda person’s index fingerused to point2.1.3.3Finger, toeAnatanatomy
index toe, one’sdatu' na sikin.possdone’s index toe2.1.3.3Finger, toeAnatanatomy
indigenous string violindiwagaydiwagayNindigenous string violin
industrious, bemaseb 2maa.sɜbvb.statbe industrious
indwells, s.th. or s.o.ineya-anVs.th. or s.o. indwells
inferior one (of a group)tampeyes 1tampɜyɜsNinferior one (of a group)der.pagtampeyesender.pigtampeyes
inferior tolipig2SCE.inferior toLipig kami mayu kay dili' matadeng sa Tagakaulo.We are inferior to you-pl. because we do not know Tagakaulo.lupiglupigSCE.Inferior toLupig kami ni Sammy kay awun kanan ise'.We are +inferior +to Sammy because he has a child.
infested with chicken mites, to bekyasisipansi.sipvb.statto be infested with chicken mitesKyasisipan da ya manuk baling.My chickens are now infested with chicken mites sad to say.
infinitewalu na waluwalu na waluadj.cnt.If a person would say that something is walu na walu, he is saying that it is beyond the capability of being counted or infinite.arch
inflict deserved punishment on s.o.pa-emel-emelen1ˈʔɜ.mɜ.ˈlɜ.mɜlRLpya-emel-emel3Vinflict deserved punishment on s.o.4.7.7Punish2.5.6.1Pain4.7.6Judge, render a verdictder.pagpa-emel-emel
inflict one’s wrathmagpa-emel-emelVsomeone will punish (usually severely)
inflorescenceaplaˈʔap.laNThe apla is the fibrous part of a coconut plant where the fruit attaches to the body of the palm.
infrequentlymalakwat1lakwatvb.auxsecIf something is done malakwat it is done seldom; rarely; or infrequently.Oppmalikit2
inhabitants oftagabanwatagabanwaNThe inhabitants of a place whether animal or human, is the tagabanwa. tagbanwatagbanwaadjinhabitants ofid.tagbanwa na tubig
inhaleinggokVinhale2.1.1.3Nose2.2.1Breathe, breath2.1.1.4Mouthder.minggokder.pa-inggokun
inhale exhale rapidlypawaw1pawawSCE.inhale exhale rapidly2.2.1Breathe, breathder.migpawaw2
inhale s.th., will cause topa-inggokunVwill cause to inhale s.th.
inhale, willminggokVs.o. will inhale2.1.1.3Nose2.2.1Breathe, breath2.1.1.4Mouth
inheritance left by a father after he has diedayawananNinheritance left by a father after he has died
inheritance, one’sbagi'1 1ˈba.giʔSCE.one’ s inheritanceder.bagi-an2der.kabagi-ander.kabagi'der.magbagi'der.mangagi'
inheritedbagi-an2ba.gi.ʔanVinherited my portion due meBagi-an aku na magulang ku sa agung kay nyatay da ya ama nami.My older brother will grant me an brass gong because our father died.
inject with needletugsukun2tugsukVinject with needle2.5.7.2Medicine
inner elbow joint, one’sdaleknan 2n.possdone’s inner elbow joint2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
insanemenengmeneng1mɜnɜŋmɜnɜŋvb.statIf a person is menengmeneng, he is insane.2.5.8Mental illnessder.migkamenengmeneng2
insane, becamemigkamenengmeneng2mɜnɜŋmɜnɜŋvb.statbecame insane9.1.1.2Become, change state2.5.8Mental illness
insect, k.o.tanangawta.na.ŋaoNk.o. insectA kind of small green insect which sucks the juices from young rice plants, killing the rice.
insect, kind of tiny wood boringbukbuk1bukbukNBukbuk is a kind of tiny wood-boring insect which leaves behind tiny plugs of wood dust.
insert or wedge s.th. between s.th. elsesuksuk 2suksukVinsert or wedge s.th. between s.th. else7.5.9Put7.3.4.3Put downder.suksukun
insert s.t. into holeluglugluglugSCE.insert s.t. into holeder.pigluglug
insideseled 1sɜlɜdRLsyeled2syeledansyumeledn.possdinsideder.nyakaseledder.pigpaseledder.pigseledder.seledender.sumeledneg.ex.phrwala' pakaseled