English - Tagakaulo


inside bottom side of s.th.sakal 1sakalNThe sakal of something such as a kettle or a swimming hole is the inside bottom. Dyumeket ya kakan adti sakal na kalinidu.The cooked rice stuck to the +inside +bottom of the kettle.Simsalad8.5.1.4Inside8.
inside outbuliskadbuliskadSCE.If a person say that one's shirt is buliskad he is wearing it inside out.der.buliskadensubali1subaliSCE.inside out; reverse directionder.subaliyen2
inside, thereadti seledˈʔad.ti sɜ.ˈlɜdloc.phr.For something or someone to be located inside an object or place.
insisted on s.th., s.o.syumelsegVs.o. insisted on s.th.
inspecttala-tala-en1tala.ʔtalaʔvb.act.inspect s.th. carefully2.3.1.3Examinetala-tala' 2tala.ʔtalaʔSCE.inspect; examineder.migtala-tala'der.pigtala‑tala'der.tala-tala-en1tala'2SCE.inspectder.ma-itala'der.pig-itala'
inspect closelymigtala-tala' 2Vinspect closely2.3.1.3Examine
inspect s t , closelypigtala‑tala'tala.ʔtalaʔvb.act.closely inspect s.th.
inspects s.th., s.o.migtala-tala' 1Vs.o. examines; inspects s.th.
inspiremiggagad2gagadVlead by example; inspire
instep, one’spalapala1pa.ˈla.pa.ˈladial. var.palapala2n.possdthe instep of one’s foot2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
instruct someone about something, willpamene‑anVwill instruct someone about something
instructed s.th.pyamene'pʸa.mɜ.nɜʔVinstructed s.th.
instructed to do, what someone waspigpamene'Vwhat someone was instructed to do
instructions given before leaving for s.wh., one’stugun 2tugunn.possdone’s instructions given before leaving for somewhereder.mamalintugunder.nyamalintugunder.palintugun1
instructions relayed through another, one’stugun 1tugunn.possdTugun is a set of instructions or a message relayed through an intermediate person to someone else.
instructions to s.o. , gavepyamene-anpamɜnɜʔVgave instructions to s.o.
instrument for forging metalssasayabansasayabanNA sasayaban is an instrument made of two hollowed logs made into bellows for feeding air into a hot fire in order to melt and forge metal such as iron, brass, bronze, copper.
insult another sexuallynyanawangVinsult another sexuallyEspecially about someone’s private parts.
insult or curse an older personsawang 2sawaŋSCE.insult or curse an older person4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.3Bless3.
insult, s.o.migdunnu'2dunnuʔVIf a person migdunnu', he insulted or offended someone by offering a gift and before they can take possession took it away then offered it to them again. Dili' kaw magdunnu'.Don't you +insult someone by +offering a gift and +before they can take +possession +take it +away then +offer it to them +again.
insulted someonepigsuplaVinsulted someoneSimpig‑odoy‑odoy
intensely donyalayuVintensely do
intercede for s.o. (cmd)kaguniVintercede for s.o. (cmd)
intercoursebatbat2batbatSCE.intercourseOf animals where the male climbs on hide-quarters of a female.der.pigbatbatan3
intercourse with s.o., hadpig-ipidVhad intercourse with s.o.
intercourse with, hadpigbatbatan3batbatVhad intercourse withPigbatbatan nan ya bubay.The male animal had +intercourse with the female.2.6.2Sexual relations
intercourse, s.o. hadmig-ipid2ʔipidVIf a man and woman mig-ipid, they are sleeping together and having intercourse.euphem
interfere with plansampa1sampaSCE.interfere with plander.sampa͡en2
interfere with s.o. plans, willsampa͡en2sampaVwill interfere with s.o. plans
interfere with the affairs of others, s.o.magpanilabetVs.o. interfere with the affairs of others
internment place for dead body, temporarypangkay2paŋkayNA pangkay was a temporary internment place for a dead loved one by one's house.Pigpangkay na utaw dun ni seled na balay.The dead person was +temporarily +interned there inside the house.
interogates someone arrested, authoritiesmigbastigalVauthorities interogates someone arrested
interpret s.th.pig-ubad2Vtranslate s.th.; interpret s.th.
interpretertenga' na1 2tɜŋaʔ naNgo between; interpreter
interrupt s.o.selangsɜlaŋSCE.interrupt s.o.; block view
intersection of road or trail, fork orsuwayansuwayanNA suwayan is a fork or intersection in a road or trail.
intertwine (as in branches)singkaka'siŋkakaʔSCE.intertwine (as in branches)der.migsingkaka'
inter-twined (as in branches)migsingkaka'siŋkakaʔVIf branches of a tree, vine, or plant are migsingkaka', the branches are inter-twined with each other.Migsingkaka' ya sanga na bulak.The branches of the flower are +inter-twined together.
intestinal wormsbitek1bi.tɜkNintestinal worms such as round worm, and hookworm they live inside one's intestines causing one to be malnurished and anemic. animalsZoolzoologyMedimedicineder.pigbitekan2
intestinal worms, afflicted with an infestation ofpigbitekan2pig.bi.tɜ.kanVafflictedwith an infestation of intestinal worms2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvation2.5.5Cause of diseaseMedimedicine
intestines, animaltinay 2tinayn.possdthe intestines of any animal1.6.2Parts of an animal
intestines, one’stinay 1tinayn.possda person’s intestines2.1.8Internal organsAnatanatomy
intoxicated, s.o. isnyalasing2lasiŋvb.statIf a person is said to be nyalasing, he has reach a intoxicated condition.Nyalasing ya utaw yan.That person is drunk.9.1.1Be8States5.