English - Tagakaulo


invadesulungunVwill invade a place
invade a placesulung1suluŋRLsyumulung2SCE.invade a placeder.pigsulungder.sulungunder.sumulung
invaded a place, s.o.syumulung2suluŋVs.o. invaded a place
invest in s.th., willbalikwatenba.lik.wa.tɜnVwill invest in s.th. wealth
investigatebistigalSCE.investigateder.bastigalader.bastigalender.pagbastigalder.pigpanbastigalmagkantag2kantagVinvestigateMagkantag aku sa balawbalaw.I will attend/investigate the negotiation.
investigate s.th by asking many questions, willbastigalenVwill investigate by asking many questions
investigated -(neutral)bastigalaVinvestigated -(neutral)Abus da ta bastigala....When we were finished with the investigation (asking many questions)....
investigated s.th. by many peoplepigpanbastigalVinvestigated s.th. by many people
investigating, onepagbastigalVone investigating
invisiblewala' kita-av.phrnot visible; not seen2.3.1.5Visible
invitesabi1sa.ˈbiSCE.priminviteThis is an invitation that is given out in advance, far and wide for people to come to some important event.Simpilitunspec. comp. formpanabider.pigsabi2der.sabiyen2
invite (as a guest)pilitSCE.invite (as a guest)Simsabi1der.mamilitder.migpilitder.nyamilitder.pigpilitder.pilitender.pyampamilit
invite oneselfsagka' 1SCE.invite oneselfder.magsagka'
invite s.o., willpilitenVwill invite s.o.
invited (s.o.), s.o.migpilitVs.o. invited (s.o.)
invited guestspyampamilitVinvited guests
invited overpigsabi2sabiVinvited over To invite someone over to another's house , or to a gathering, or special occasion.
invited s.o.pigpilitVinvited s.o.
invited, onenyamilitVone invited
invited, one whomamilitVone who invited
invites themselves, s.o.magsagka'Vs.o. invites themselves
ironputawputawNPutaw is the metal, iron.
iron, galvanizesin 1sinNSin is galvanize iron or GI used for roofs of houses.6.5Working with buildings
irrigation canalilig 2ʔiligNirrigation canalGeoggeographyder.nyiligder.pigpa-ilig
irritated, quicklymintisSCE.quickly irritated
is it not (tag question)enda'ʔɜndaʔadv.tag.quesis it not (tag question)
islandpulu'2pu.ˈluʔNA pulu' is any island., shore
itnan3nanProhe/she9.2.3Pronounssakanan1 1sakananProhe; she; it9.2.3Pronouns
it is up to youenday kanmuʔɜnday kanmuPhr.If a person says something and his friend replies enday kanmu, he is saying it is up to you, he really doesn't care what you do.
itchkatel1katɜlSCE.itch2.5.2.2Skin disease2.5.6Symptom of diseaseder.kakatel2der.makatel
itching [pl.]nyang-ilutVscratching /itching [pl.]
itchy, iskakatel2katɜlvb.statis itchy2.5.2.2Skin diseaseder.magkakatel2
itskanan3kananPro3s.GEN [his /hers/ its]9.2.3Pronouns