English - Tagakaulo


I don’t knowendayʔɜndayinterjIf a person asks his friend a question and his friend says enday, he is saying he doesn't know the answer.id.enday kanmu
I have the answer!tamanta kadi'tamanta kadi'Phr.that's it!
identical names, havekasangay2sa.ŋayvb.statIf two people are kasangay, they have identical names.9.7.1Name of a personsangay1saŋaySCE.have identical namesder.kasangay2
identifying markings, any kind ofbatek2 2batɜkNIf an item has batek it has somekind of identifying markings such as color features, lines, writing, design, or shape. der.batekander.batekider.magbatekder.migbatek3der.pigbatekan3
idolpangiyas 1paŋiyasNA pangiyas is an idol or charm used to contact spirits by the cliffs.4.9.4Miracle, supernatural power4.9.8.1Idol
ifkunkunconjifSynila' aw 1
if / whenila' aw 1ʔilaʔ awconjif / whenSynkun
ignorant and teachableindu'ʔinduʔSCE.ignorant and teachableder.indu-un
ignorelipaslipasSCE.ignore; pay no attention to
ignore s.o. or s.th., willpalipaslipasanVwill ignore s.o. or s.th.
ignore s.th. (pertaining to me--used with neg-ext.)palipaslipasiVignore s.th. (pertaining to me--used with neg-ext.)
ignored by someone, s.th. waspigpalipaslipasanVs.th. was ignored by someone
ignores someone or something, s.o. hab.magpalipaslipasVs.o. hab. ignores someone or something
illkedeliVill; sickWala' da kedeli ya lawas ku.My body no longer hurts. from sickness
illnesssakit1 2sakitSCE.illnessder.kasakit2der.masakit
illuminate by rays of sunlightlulut2lulutSCE.illuminate by rays of sunlightder.nyalulut3
illuminated by the sun’s raysnyalulut3lulutVilluminated by the sun’s raysNyalulut ya inag na sega awun ni tas na ulu nan.The +rays of +sunlight +illumined there on top of his head.
illuminated, beka-ilawvb.statbe illuminatedder.pigka-ilawan
illustrationsiling1siliŋVimitate; copySimagender.kasilingander.kyasilingander.migsiling2der.pagsilingander.pigsilingander.silingen
imagealung1 3ʔa.luŋNimageAny 2 dimensional image on a coin, in a photograph, on a sign, or reflection in a mirror or pool of water., mirrorder.pa͡alunganan
imagine all kinds of thingssagunut 2sagunutVsecimagine all kinds of thingsder.masagunut
imagines the worst, s.o.miglama2lamaVs.o. imagines the worstMiglama aku na patayen aku na kanaken pa-unawa.I +imagined that I was killed by one of my peers.
imitatekasilinganVpractice; imitatesiling1siliŋVimitate; copySimagender.kasilingander.kyasilingander.migsiling2der.pagsilingander.pigsilingander.silingen