English - Tagakaulo


jab or poke with stick or fingersunggaksuŋ.gakSCE.jab or poke with stick or finger
jab s.o. with elbowssikuwan3si.kuanVjab someone with one’s elbows
jabs with elbow, s.o.magpanikusi.kuVs.o. jabs with elbowMagpaniku ya eped ku na migtankil nyingkud.My companion that sat next to me kept jabbing (me) with the elbow.
Jackfruit treelangka'laŋkaʔNjackfruit treeA small tree which bears a very large, green fruit. The fruit when still immature is cooked as a vegetable. The mature fruit sweet-smelling and is yellow with juice that is rubberlike sticky.Artocarpus heterophylla1.5.1Tree5. from fruitBotbotany
jail, someone who is innyakalabusu 1Vsomeone who is in jail
jail/prison, be inmigkalabusu2kalabusuvb.statIf a person is migkalabusu he is being put into prison.
jailed/imprisoned another person, s.o.migkakalabusu2kalabusuVIf someone is migpakalabusu he has been imprisoned by someone or by someone in authority.
jambs of a doorway, verticallindeg1lindɜgNvertical jambs of a doorway6.5.2Parts of a buildingder.lindegen2
Japaneseapun1ʔa.ˈpunn.properIf a person or thing is Japanese they are Apun.
jar, large clay watersibulansibulanNlarge clay water jarSimsinampalan
jaw clamp, upperlamisa 2la.ˈmi.san.concretesecThe lamisa is the upper jaw of clamp of an agutan (abaca processing machine).Agragriculture
jawbone, one’s jawbone, one’sluyunglu.yuŋn.possda person’s jawbone2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.1Head
jealous of another, s.o. isnyakadaway2dawayVs.o. is jealous of another
jealous, will becomemakadawayVwill become jealous
jerk and pull s.th., willbegtengenbɜgtɜŋVwill jerk and pull s.th.Begtengen mu ya eket.You will jerk and pull the rope.Such as an anchor at the bottom of the sea but also in other contexts; to pull on a rope.
jerk and pull upbegtengbɜgtɜŋSCE.jerk and pull upder.begtengen
jerked on, s.o.nyabeklasvb.stats.o. jerked on
jews harp, bambookubingkubiŋNbamboo jews harp4.2.3.5Musical instrument
joinmaka-akupVs.o. is able to join; be included insugpatsugpat 1sugpatsugpatSCE.join; assembleder.pig‑isugpatsugpat
join /unite with, s.o. privileged tonyakasambukVs.o. privileged to join /unite with
join in with others, s.o. willsumambukRLsyumambukVs.o. will join in with othersDili' da tumbay kanilan na sumambuk kuman dun ni Pista.They would no longer be allowed to join with others in eating there at the Fiesta.
join two pieces of clothsugkul1sugkulSCE.join two pieces of clothder.migsugkul2