English - Tagakaulo


kalabasa squashbabasalbabasalcfbabasaltambasalNkalabasaCucurbitaceae cucurbita maxima1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
kaliso palmkalisawka.ˈli.sa͡oNBetel nut palm; kaliso palmThe green nut-like fruit is used for mama', betel-nut chewing. The plant is a palm and has a tall, narrow trunk and a pleasant odor.Areca caliso; areca catechu1.5.1Tree
kamantigueallaliga'ʔallaligaʔNKamantigue plantA medicinal ornamental flowering plant. It stands about 30-60 cm. high and bears pink, white, purple, yellow, and red flowers. The flower is distinguishable by the long, slender spur.Balsaminaceae: Impatiens balsamina
kapok treekapuk1kapukcfkapuk1kapuk2Nkapok treeThe cotton from the seed pod is used to stuff horse saddle-pillows, mattresses and pillows. The seeds are hard and are removed. The tree grows to mediun height and the branches radiate tiered intervals. The bark is greenish in color and smooth.Ceiba pentandra1.5.1TreeBotbotany
kapok tree, cotton fromkapuk2kapukcfkapuk1kapuk2Ncotton from kapok treeKapok cotton is not useful for making thread, but is useful for stuffing. It also holds in heat well.Botbotany
keel boardkaskukaskuNkeel board
keep accountssagumun1sagumunkeep accountsder.pigsagumun2
keep eyes openmagkapanaspanasVstruggled to concentrate; keep eyes open
keep s.th., willdayawunVwill save back; keep s.th.
kept accountspigsagumun2sagumunVkept accountsGayed pigsagumun ya ginawa nan na malatay na imo-unun.He always keeps accounts of bad deeds.
kernel of maize cornuntu2ʔuntuNa kernel of maize corn1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
keykunsi-aykunsi.ʔayNA kunsi-ay is a kind of key.Simlyabisusi6.7.8Parts of tools8.6Parts of thingssusisusiNA susi is a key for opening or locking locks.Simkunsi-aylyabi6.7.8Parts of tools8.6Parts of things
kidnapdampas1dampasSCE.kidnap; steal by forceder.dampasader.dampasenunspec. comp. formdyampasder.pidampasan2der.pigdampas2
kidnapped s.o. or stole s.th.dyampasdampasVkidnapped s.o. or stole s.th.
kidnappermag-agawaymag.ʔagawayNIf somebody is a mag-agaway they raid, conquer, seize, or kidnap other people or their possessions by force.
kidney, one'sbunga2buŋaNone's kidney
kill (command)pagpatayiVkill (command)
kill by chopping into piecesulaga1 1ʔulagaSCE.kill by chopping into piecesder.pigpang-ulaga͡an2
kill everyone, willapnasen2ˈʔap.nasVWhen people or a natural calamity will apnasen some people or animals they will kill every last one of them.
kill selftuyu'1tuyuʔRLtyumuyu'2SCE.kill self
kill, did notwala' patayaPhr.did not kill
kill, s.o. will be able tomakapatayVs.o. will be able to kill
killed by someone or somethingpigpatayVkilled by someone or somethingSimlamputalidpig-unungan1
killed one’s selftyumuyu'2tuyuʔVkilled one’s self2.6.6.1Kill
killed, many people will bemangkamatayVmany people will be killed
killed, s.o.migpatayVs.o. killed
kills or hurts, s.o. deliberatelymagpatayVs.o. deliberately kills or hurts
kimonakimunakimunaNA kimuna is a woman's non-traditional blouse.5.3Clothing
kind or classpungan1puŋanSCE.primkind or classder.kapunganan2der.punganander.pyunganan2der.sangkapungan2
kind, apunganan 2puŋanann.comma kind
kind, one particularpunganan 1puŋanann.massone particular kind
kindle a flame on a wicksulu'2suluʔRLsyulu'syumulu'3SCE.kindle a flame on a wick
kindled a flame in a lantern or oil lampsyumulu'3suluʔVkindled a flame in a lantern or oil lamp8. source
kinds. of s.th. , manykapunganan2puŋanvb.statIf someone says there are kapunganan of any thing, animal, or people, she is indicating that there are many kinds of these.
King cobraagwasenNKing cobra1.
kingdomkasakupan 2ka.sa.ku.pann.possdA ruler whether he is a president, governor, king, or any one in charge of people, the place or people they are responsible for is their kasakupan.
kingfisherbakakabakakaNa kingfisher1.6.1.2BirdZoolzoology
kissalek1 2ˈʔa.lɜkSCE.kissder.alekider.mig-alek3mig-alek3mig.ʔa.lɜkVIf a person mig-alek another person they kissed them.
kiss me (cmd)alekiVkiss me (cmd)
kiss s o, willalekanˈʔa.lɜkanVwill kiss s.o.
kiss, one’salek1 1ˈʔa.lɜkder. ofalek1 1one’s kissn.possda person’s kiss2.1.1.4Mouthder.alekider.mig-alek3der.pig-alekan
kissed s opig-alekpig.ˈʔa.lɜkVkissed another person2.1.1.4Mouth
kissed s.o.pig-alekanVkissed s.o.
kitchenabu1ˈʔa.bun.possdThe That is the thing she will do there-at the +cooking-place, wash the dishes, make the rice, fetch water, pound rice.6.5.2Parts of a buildingkusinakusinaNkitchen
kitchen, things in thetalapagantalapaganNthings in the kitchen
kitesiyebsiyɜbNa kite1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
kite, brahminy.banugba.nugNa brahminy kiteHaliastus indus intermedius1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology