English - Tagakaulo


know, someone will be able tomaka‑ede'Vsomeone will be able to know
know-howtadeng1tadɜŋSCE.skill; know-howder.katadeng2der.katadengander.matadeng
knowledge of s.th., come tokataga͡antagavb.statcome to knowledge of s.th.
knowledge of, (no)katagayi3tagavb.stat(no) knowledge ofWala' nan katagayi.He has no knowledge of it.
knowledge, customarytaga1tagaRLkyataga͡anSCE.customary knowledgeder.kataga͡ander.katagayi3
known or recognized by someone, bepigkilalaVbe known or recognized by someoneDoes not imply a intimate knowledge of someone but recognized by one’s apperence
known, (not)kilalayi2kilalaVIf a person says has no kilalayi, he is saying he does not know or recognize the person.
known, mademigpa-ede'Vsomeone made known something
knows about the content of, someonenya‑ede'Vsomeone knows about the content of
knows somebody, s.o.kyumilala2kilalaVIf a person kyumilala someone else, he is saying that he knows that person.
knuckles, one’sbukubuku 2bu.ku.bu.kun.possdthe knuckles of one’s fingers or toes2.1.3.3Finger, toeAnatanatomy