English - Tagakaulo


knapsack (usually handwoven)kabilkabilNknapsack (usually handwoven)say.kabil sa tubig
kneading bread dough , Place or device forkuligmet 1kuligmɜtSCE.primPlace or device for kneading bread dough der.kuligmetanan
knee back, one’slaleknan 1lalɜknandial. var.daleknann.possdthe area behind a person’s knee joint2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
knee joint back, one’sdaleknan 1n.possdone’s knee joint back2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
knee joint of hind legsbukubuku 3bu.ku.bu.kun.possdthe knee joint of a 4-legged animal’s front legs2.1.3.2Leg
knee, one’sbukubuku 1bu.ku.bu.kun.possdA person’s knee joint2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
kneecap, one’sbulanbulanbulan.bulann.possdone's kneecap is the round bone that protects the knee joint2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
kneed together, willmasa-en2masaVwill kneed together
kneeding board, akuligmetananNa kneeding board
kneel down on all fours (said of 4 legged animals), caused topigpaluku'Vcaused to kneel down on all fours (said of 4 legged animals)
kneel on one’s knees (to lift s.th. )paniklud1panikludVkneel on one’s knees (to lift s.th. )der.manikludder.nyaniklud
kneel on one's knees (to lift s.th. ), s.o. willmanikludmanikludVs.o. will kneel on one's knees (to lift s.th. )7.1.4Kneel
kneeled down (on both knees), s.o.lyumuhudVs.o. kneeled down (on both knees)
knelt on one’s knees (to lift s.th. ), s.o.nyanikludnyanikludVs.o. knelt on one’s knees (to lift s.th. )
knew about s.th by experiencekyataga͡anvb.cognknew about s.th by experience2.3Sense, perceive
knife blade, the blunt edge of asalig1saligdial. var.salidNthe blunt edge of a knife blade8.3.2.3Sharp
knife edge that is mounted on the ispada of an agutan (abaca processing machine).batikulaba.ti.ˈku.lan.concreteknife edge that is mounted on the ispada of an agutan (abaca processing machine).Agragriculture
knife handlepatawpatawNThe pataw is the wood knife handle.6.7.7Container
knife handle, metal tang oftingtingtiŋtiŋNA tingting is the metal tang of the a knife that fits into the wood handle.6.7.8Parts of tools8.6Parts of things6.7.7Container
knife, a common workbadungba.ˈduŋNa common work knife6.7.1Cutting tool
knife, a pocketbadi' 2ˈba.diʔNa pocket knife6.7.1Cutting tool
knife, a small utilitybadi' 1ˈba.diʔNA badi' is a small utility knife carried and used by Tagakaulu Kalagan women.6.7.1Cutting tool
knife, a woman’s small utilitydilatdi.latNa woman’s small utility knife