English - Tagakaulo


labortalabahu1talabahuinf. var.talabapuNA person's talabahu is their work or kind of labor they do.6.1Workder.magtalabahu2der.migtalabahu2der.pigtalabahu
labor painpetesSCE.labor painder.pyetesan
labor pains, woman havingpyetesanVwoman having labor pains
labor, one’skyapagudan 1None’s hard work
labored, someonepigtalabahuVsomeone worked; labored
laborspagud 2pagudn.masslabors; hard workder.kyapagudander.mapagudder.nyapagud
lack a littletagbi' dakmanPhr.lack a littleTagbi' dakman magetem da aku.In a short time I will be hungry.
lack of concentrationlapawlapawSCE.lack of concentration
lacking moistureagdang1ˈʔag.daŋSCE.dry; lacking moisture1.3.3.1Dryder.kagdangder.kagdang3der.kagdanganander.magdang1der.magdang2der.magkagdang4der.nyakagdang
lacking onedakman minsandakman minsanadj.Phr.lacking one
lacks moisture, s.th.magdang2maag.daŋvb.statIf something is magdang, it contains no more moisture.
ladderbalakatba.ˈla.katNA balakat is a ladder.Simagdan16.7Tool
ladel outsudukSCE.ladel out
ladeled out s.th.syudukVladeled out s.th.
ladle from coconut shell, smallgawi'gawiʔNsmall ladle from coconut shell
ladle made of coconut shellsaduksadukNladle made of coconut shell6.7.7Container
laid down on s.th. (to rest)kyulanganVlaid down on s.th. (to rest)
laid prostrate, s.o.lyumebleb2lɜblɜbVIf a person lyumebleb on the floor or ground, they are lying prostrate.7.1.3Lie down
lakedanawdanawNlake; pond1.3.1.1Ocean, lakeGeoggeography
lake, edge of aligad na danawligad na danawn.phr.edge of a lake1.3.1.5Island, shore
lamp or torch, place to hang or set abantawananNplace to hang or set a lamp or torch
lamp, kind ofalalanganʔa.la.ˈla.ŋanNkind of lamp
landbanwa 2ˈban.waNland; country1.2.1Landid.kadakula' na banwacomp.tagbanwalupa'4lu.paʔNland6.5.1.3Land, property1.3.1.5Island, shore1.2.1Landid.lupa' na alag laganasan
land nose first into grounddusmugSCE.land nose first into groundSimnyampakadekmel
land to be cleared for farminggalasenenNland to be cleared for farming