English - Tagakaulo


machinemakinamakinaNA makina is any kind of machine or engine.
made (at/on a location)imo-anVmade (at/on a location)
made a design, s.o.migbatek3batɜkVs.o. made a design
made a fire by banking wood logs in a stackmigdulukmig.ˈdu.lukVsomeone made a fire by banking wood logs in a stack
made a hole in s.th. by accident, s.o.nyalusut2SCE.s.o. made a hole in s.th. by accidentNyalusut aku dun ni buwaw.I stepped and the floor gave way there in the hole. (context: the outhouse floor collapsed because a person was just a little too heavy.)der.nyalusut1
made a hole in somethingpigbuslutanVmade a hole in something
made a hole into some materialpiggawanganVmade a hole into some materialDone on purpose.
made at a location, s.th will bema-imo-anVs.th will be made at a location
made cleankyalinisanVbe cleansed of something
made decorationsbyatata͡an2batataVIf a weapon suchs a gun, spear, etc. was engraved or set with decorations it was byatataan.Asini muna na allaw awun byatataan na sinapang.Times long ago guns had decorative marks engraved in them.
made equalmig-unawa2ʔunawaVmade the same; made equal
made friends with s.o.pig-ubaybayVmade friends with s.o.
made into a raised structure, s.th.pigbantalanVs.th. made into a raised structure
made known s.wh. , caused to bepigpa-ede-anVcaused to be made know s.wh.
made newpigbaguVmade new; restored to original
made s.th.pig-imo-an2 2ˈʔi.moʔVmade s.th.
made up s.t.pig-imo-imo-anVmade up s.t.Pig-imo-imo-an aku nilan sa tingeg na makasilaˈ sa dengeg ku.They made up a story about me to damage my reputation.
made whole, able to bepakalingebVable to be complete; made whole
made woven platesnyangdanggut2daŋgutVIf a woman nyangdanggut she is making plates from leaves of the lingobung tree.Nyangdanggut si ina adti lawud.Mother is making eating plates from leaves of the lingobung tree downstream.
made, cause s.th. to bepan-imo-anVcause s.th. to be made
made, notwala' imo-a 2Phr.not made
made, s.o.mi-imo'Vs.o. made
maded for s.o.pig-imo-an2 1ˈʔi.moʔVIf a person pig-imo-an something, he made an object for someone.Pig-imo-an kami na panday sa ingkudanan.A carpenter made an chair for us-two....pig-imo-an nilan sa pista....they made a festival for it.Beneficiary:
maggots, flesh-eatingsengetsɜ.ŋɜtNmaggots which infest dead flesh1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoologyder.pigsenget
maimedpulid1 1pulidvb.statIf someone is said to be pulid, they have been maimed by some kind of injury so that they are not able to walk.2.5.3Injure2.5.4Disabledder.nyapulid
maize (corn)batad 1ba.ˈtadNthe maize plantThe Tagakaulo people of the mountains grow primarily two kinds of corn; the white variety which is ground up for grits and the yellow variety which is primarily a cash crop. food plantsBotbotanyder.batadan
maize cobskalumpalkalumpalNmaize cobsthe corn cob are used for fuel for cooking and to wipe one’s butt after defecated.
maize kernals that have been poundedbagal1bagalNMaize kernals that has been pounded in a mortar and pestle is bagal. in mortar and pestleder.bagalen2der.pigbagal2
maize plant, the fruit ear of thepusu' na batadpusuʔ na batadn.phr.the fruit ear of the maize plant1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
makeimo'1 2ˈʔi.moʔSCE.makeder.imo-un2der.imo‑ununder.inimo-an2der.ma-imo'der.mag-imo'2der.magpaka-imo'2der.mig‑imo'der.nya-imo'2der.pag-imo'2der.pagpampa-imo'2der.paka-imo-un2der.pan-imo-ander.pig-imo-an2der.pig-imo'der.pigpan-imo'2neg.ex.phrwala' imo-asay.ya pigpan-imo'mig‑imo'ˈʔi.moʔVIf a person mig-imo' something, she made something.Mig-imo' aku sa ingkudanan.He made a chair.
make a fire, willatulununVwill make a fire
make a hole in s.th., willbuwawanbu.wa.ˈwanVwill make a hole in s.th.Buwawan ku ya kawayan.I will make a hole in the kawayan bamboo.
make a rope footholdpigdelesanpigdɜlɜsanVmake a rope footholdThese are often used for climbing trees especially for smoking out bees nest and retrieving the honey.
make a small hole, willbuwawun3buwawVwill make a small hole
make an oathsapa'ˈsa.paʔ̀sa.pa?SCE.vow; make an oathvow; make an oath by calling on the name of deity. oathder.migsapa'
make appear normalawadSCE.make appear normalunspec. comp. formawadan
make decisions for s.o. else, willbaya-baya-anVwill make decisions for s.o. else
make designsmagbatekVmake designs
make do, s.o. willmagtagitu'Vs.o. will make do
make equal, willmag-unawa2ʔunawaVwill make equal
make every effort to do something, someone willmagtibagsegVsomeone will make every effort to do something
make foot notches (for me) in the wood -cmdbangbangiVmake foot notches (for me) in the wood -cmd
make into, willma-imo' 1ma.ʔimoʔvb.statwill make into
make lulub, s.o. willmaglulub 2Vs.o. will make lulub
make merryligidligid1ligidligidSCE.joke; make merry
make newpabaguwanVrenew something
make offering to deity, willmagdugsu'Vwill make offering to deity
make seed hole with dibble sticktyumudak2tudakVIf men tyumudak in their rice fields, they making seed hole with a dibble stick in which the women will drop rice seed into.6.2Agriculture
make something “speak”, tomagpapaglongVto make something “speak”Used of someone who can make a musical instrument “talk”.
make something with woodpanday 2.1make something with wood