English - Tagakaulo


nail, an ironkalabu2kalabuNA kalabu is any iron nail used for fastening by pounding into wood. der.pigkalabuwan1
nailed something s.wh.pigkalabuwan1kalabuVnailed something s.wh.
name of ridge where Sitio Angus sitsLinabudunLinabudunn.properLinabudun is the old Tagakaulo name for the ridge where Sitio Angos is located.
name s.o.pigngalananVname s.o.
name s.o., notwala' ngalaniPhr.not name s.o.
name, one’sngalan1 1ŋalann.possdA person's ngalan is their name.9.7.3Name of a thingder.pigngalan2der.pigngalananneg.ex.phrwala' ngalani
named s.th.gelalan2gɜlalVnamed s.th.Yan ya gelalan na matidagwasay sa kuwalta. That someone is known as a money waster.
nape, one’sempekˈʔɜm.pɜkfr. var.umpekn.possdthe back part of one’s head at the base of the skull2.1.1HeadAnatanatomy
narranagana.gaNnarraNaga is a legume, and grows to a height of 30 meters. Its trunk is grey in color and has an irregular fluted trunk. Its seeds are round wing-lets with fine, needle-like hairs. Its wood grain is a beautiful orange-red and is highly sought after for furniture. It is strong and durable class 1 hardwood.Pterocarpus inidicus1.5.1TreeBotbotany
narrow place, be amayaktawmayaktawbe a narrow place
natural end result, the thing that is thesyumampet3sampɜtVfigthe thing that is the natural end result
naughtymalalipa'Vdirty; naughty
nauseated, betaligsuka͡en2taligsukaVIf someone is feeling talisuken, she is feeling nauseated and is about to vomit.2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease
navel, one’spusud 1pu.sudn.possdthe navel or belly button the place where the umbilical cord attaches to a new-born baby.2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy
nearapit2ˈʔa.pitspatl.deitic If a person says that a horse is tied apit the house, it is near or close by the house.id.apit adtider.nyapit1lapit1lapitvb.statnearder.kalapit2der.magkalapit2der.magpalapitder.malapit2der.pigpalapitneg.ex.phrwala' pakapalapit
near the edge of s.th.pulluySCE.near the edge of s.th.
near, bekalapit2kalapiːtvb.statbe near
near, s.o. or s.th. becomesmagkalapit2lapitvb.statIf a person becomes magkalapit, she has become closer to someone in physical position or relation she was before.
nearby, s.o. or s.th. ismalapit2la.piːtvb.statIf something or someone is malapit, it is close or nearby. to
neck strap of a saddle rigpaliyegcfapidkakangpaliyegpangabapangikugpungussiya'Nneck strap of a saddle rig
neck, animal’sliyeg 2li͡ɜgn.possdthe neck of an animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalder.paliyeg
neck, one’sliyeg 1li͡ɜgn.possda person’s neck2.1.2Torso2.1.1Headder.paliyeg
necklace, any kind ofbalyeg 2ˈba.lyɜgNany kind of necklaceder.balyegander.mamalyeg
necklace, indigenous ornamentalkamagikamagiNA kamagi is an indigenous ornament necklace worn by Tagakaulo Kalagan women and is very expensive.5.4.1Jewelry
need of basic things to live onmigkapelekVsomeone to have a need (basic need like food, clothing)
need, have akatukanankatukananVhave a needSimkakemuwan 1
needed thingspigkapelekNneeded things
negligenttagitagitagitagiSCE.negligent; lazy6.
negotiation, marriagebalawˈba.la͡uNmarriage negotiations3.5.1.2Talk about a subjectder.balawanan
negotiation, the matter underbalawananNthe matter under negotiation
neighbor, one’ssumbalaysumbalayn.possdA person’s sumbalay is his neighbor, one who live close by., stay
nestpugadpu.gadNany kind of animal nest1.6.5Animal home
nest, paper-like, dirt insecttabuduk1 2ta.ˈbu.dukcftabuduk1tigasawNA tabuduk is an insect nest made from dirt such as that made by termites, certain kinds of ants and wasps.Simtigasaw6.5.1Building
nest, water lizardbalang1ba.ˈlaŋNA balang is a nest of a water lizard often made in the sandy bank. 1.6.5Animal home
net sinkerspamatupamatuNPamatu are net sinkers usually made from stones or lead weights.
never mindtampelasatampɜlasaVprimnever mind
new, becomenyabagu 1Vsomeone or something to become new
new.growth.sprouts.on.a.tree.or.bushpalumpungpalumpuŋNnew growth sprouts on a tree or bush1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
newlybagu2vb.auxnewlybaya'2bayaʔvb.auxIf a person has baya' dumateng, she has just or newly arrived.
newly-wedsmangugnanay 1Nnewly-weds
news, theubat‑ubat 5ʔubat.ʔubatNthe news...ya ubat-ubat kan Tabita....the news about Tabita.der.mag‑ubat‑ubatayder.pag-ubat-ubat1der.pag-ubat-ubat2der.pig-ubat-ubatder.pig‑ubat‑ubatander.ubat-ubatander.ubat‑ubati
next in successionpagsalutconjnext in succession
next one, theya salutn.phr.the next one8.4.5.1Order, sequence8.
next timesalut1salutAdvrepeat againder.pigsalutder.salutun2id.ya salut
next tosayidsayidn.possdIf someone says that another person is at his sayid, he is standing or sitting close by or next to him.syntampid8.2.6.2Near8.5.1.5Touching, contact8.5.1.2Beside8.2.6.1Far8. to
nibbletebteb1tɜbtɜbSCE.bite away little by little; nibbleder.pigtebteban2der.pyanebteb
nibbledpigtebteban2tɜbtɜbVbit away little by little; nibbledKamanga la ya apid na kuda' kay pigtebteban na ise' nan.Get the saddle-pillow of the horse because its colt is +biting it +away +little +by +little.